One-Punch Man Volume 4

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One-Punch Man Volume 4

One-Punch Man Volume 4

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Yeah, sure, he actually SAVED everyone's lives, but the damage to all that property... HE's A PROPER villain, now. :) Jerks. It doesn't matter what threat you toss at Saitama, he's most likely going to be disappointed in the competition. However, the story still finds fascinating ways to explore the superhero genre while continuously introducing fascinating new heroes and villains into the mix. Puri-Puri Prisoner noticeably makes an appearance here and his story is quite peculiar; his sexuality is just as big of a threat than his strength and that's hilarious. Words of wisdom from random person from city z. " Before dying I at least wanted to be with a girl....." I call that a desperation for end of the world circumstance. Nothing about Saitama passes the eyeball test when it comes to superheroes, from his lifeless expression to his bald head to his unimpressive physique. However, this average-looking guy has a not-so-average problem--he just can't seem to find an opponent strong enough to take on! Still fun as hell. Mr. Baldy Cape Guy will NEVER get the respect he deserves. Who cares if all the most powerful heroes were unable to stop a freaking meteor from destroying the city if this NOBODY comes up from out of nowhere to destroy it and in doing so CAUSES a huge shower of stones to cause collateral damage all over the city?

One-Punch Man - Vol.4 - MangaPark

Tras tres tomos donde ha predominado el desarrollo de ideas, la presentación de personajes y el constante avance hacia algún otro lugar, ONE se pone contemplativo en este cuarto tomo. No es que no ocurra nada —más al contrario, está plagado de acontecimientos: un meteorito gigante amenaza ciudad Z, la destrucción del mismo hace parecer un villano a Saitama y aquí comienza el arco del rey del mar—, pero todo sigue para ir afincando lo que hasta ahora sólo se intuía. Como Saitama no sólo no es visto como un héroe, sino un peligro público; como la obsesión de Genos con el cyborg que destruyó su pueblo y mató a su familia le lleva a buscar culpables, pero también a ser un héroe como lo es su maestro; incluso Sonic muestra tener cualidades, y un modo de pensar, que trasciende el mero «quiero ser el mejor».Por alguna razón hemos dejado de valorar la ociosidad. El aburrimiento. Dejar que el tiempo transcurra sin que pase nada, no buscar desesperadamente algo que hacer, haciendo que la vida nos atraviese. Permanecer ocioso tiene su utilidad en el hecho de ser inútil, de ser un ejercicio contemplativo, pues al liberarnos de la necesidad de prestar atención nos permite hacer algo que no podemos hacer en otras circunstancias: dejar que nuestra mente se recree. Sólo cuando no hacemos nada nos permitimos escapar a las simas más profundas de nuestro pensamiento. Stinger's original design - wearing a vest and belt - was redrawn to be consistent with his updated design. His fight with the Seafolk was also shortened. Saitama is now a certified hero! And with that title comes great responsibility--he's required to perform one heroic deed per week. While Saitama makes the rounds to meet his quota, an incoming threat from outer space is screeching toward Earth... Por otra parte, en los otros dos capítulos del tomo se presenta una nueva amenaza que nos da pie a conocer a nuevos héroes, además de que volvemos a ver a Sonic, ese personaje que por mucho que quiera cobrar su venganza contra Saitama siempre le sale mal. Also not a huge fan of the gag behind Puri Puri Prisoner is that he is gay and also sexually assaults men? I'm just giving it side-eye is all...

One-Punch Man, Vol. 4 | Book by ONE, Yusuke Murata | Official

Saitama is now a certified hero! And with that title comes great responsibility—he's required to perform one heroic deed per week. While Saitama makes the rounds to meet his quota, an incoming threat from outer space is screeching toward Earth... I saw someone at the bookstore buying One-Punch Man. I couldn't help but stare. I'm not some kind of weirdo. En la narrativa el vacío o la repetición tiene sus usos. No todo tiene por qué acabar en un cliffhanger o una revelación. Volver sobre nuestros pasos, dejar sedimentar una idea, es a veces la mejor forma continuar una historia.Achei muito criativa e original a parte final (Bonus Manga: Prison) e o super herói Puri Puri Prisoner. Gostei bastante desta parte. For the most part I enjoyed this volume. I liked the twist in the middle where some of the heroes and townsfolk turn on One Punch Man a little when they think he destroyed their town. "You're bald!!" is an interested insult coming from OPM. In this fourth volume we get introduced to a new character Bang, a master of martial arts in the S-class rank 3. One-Punch Man did it again! It is funny as hell, violent and crazy! The genius in this series is how the authors add outrageously interesting characters in an already fantastic ensemble of heroes and (mostly dead) villains. Like there's Puri-puri Prisoner. Damn, he came outta nowhere and he is entertaining and interesting as he is strong and feared by other prisoners. Genos is as always, strong and admires his master Saitama to a fault. And there's Bang, which has the aura as the series' sort of King Fu master who is yet to reveal his power.

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