A Deepness in the Sky: Vernor Vinge (S.F. MASTERWORKS)

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A Deepness in the Sky: Vernor Vinge (S.F. MASTERWORKS)

A Deepness in the Sky: Vernor Vinge (S.F. MASTERWORKS)

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Qeng Ho και να δείξει στους γονείς τους ότι το αγόρι τους πέτυχε, παραβρίσκεται μαζί την Trixia Bonsol στο επίσημο δείπνο των Emergents. As much as I liked A Fire Upon the Deep, its hard-science-fiction tropes never quite cohere, and the story and characterization suffer as a result. I´ve already said it in the review of the first part, I don´t get why Vinge didn´t expand the groundbreaking concept of The Zones of Thought with physics influencing reality and the maximum capacity of intelligence to a larger series, especially after the success of this novel.

Though he chews up the scenery as a smiling one-dimensional comic book villain, his sociopathic philosophy is thoroughly rationalized that he never seems the least bit unreal. A Deepness in the Sky is not going to dislodge another book from that list but it is still an indispensable read all the same. The scale of A Deepness in the Sky‘s story is restricted to human-occupied space, before it was discovered that higher Zones of Thought exist.Only one concrete connection links A Deepness in the Sky with A Fire Upon the Deep: the character of Pham Nuwen, the "Programmer-at-Arms", who appears in both books. With the first novel to have set the Zones’ main background, showing through his vision the consequences of their impact on intelligence and bringing to life a vast galaxy full of many and different races, Vernor Vinge takes us in A Deepness in the Sky deep into the Slow Zone, focusing this time on two human groups: the Qeng Ho, which – having maintained a continuous technological presence for thousands of years – has travelled from planetary civilisation to planetary civilisation, gathering the best of living things and of technologies, and creating the largest interstellar trading fleet across all Human Space; and the Emergents, who – having grew out of disaster – have followed their own authoritarian ways, seeking to transform each new conquest to their advantage, and using Focus – a technology that converts the brightest people into dedicated machines of thought – to give them a power that surpasses any machine and any human.

Pham Nuwen, the founder of the Qeng Ho trading culture, is living aboard the fleet under the pseudonym Pham Trinli, posing as an inept and bumbling fleet elder. g. the pilot's girlfriend), the devices of Focus and mindscrubbing used to keep them from being able to contribute anything meaningful to the story. My favorite "sf notion" from this book is Focus, a more elaborate type of mind control with no element of hypnotism. In the end, A Deepness in the Sky is a hefty but spectacular novel, with Vernor Vinge – coming with a much more compelling writing – crafting masterfully another epic story, revealing through their adventures a long-lost past, and a Human Space with all the dreams and flaws one can expect from Humankind. There are strong female characters (Qiwi, Trixia, Anne) at the outset of the story, but their agency is completely taken away.

The first are Qeng Ho, wandering traders, who try to keep the human civilization (light years apart) the whole. Time-measurement details provide an interesting concept in the book: the Qeng Ho measure time primarily in terms of seconds, since the notion of days, months, and years has no usefulness between various star-systems. The two groups of humans are antithetical to one another, each group despises the very principles that the other stands for.

The chapters presented from the Spider point of view make them seem so human, despite the references to "eating hands" and "baby welts" and "paternal fur. Once I understood why they were described in this way, the story made more sense, but it’s a major spoiler to say much more, and even after the truth emerged, I wasn’t really comfortable with how Vinge handled this part of the story. When a new alien species is discovered on a planet orbiting an oscillating On-Off star, they immediately see this as an opportunity for potential new scientific discoveries, i. Because if there's one constant across the depths of space and time, it's that nothing lasts forever. And, as the story progresses, the character's seemingly separate stories become more and more tightly wound, before ending up in a perfect storm of thread tying up that would be worthy of a Victor Hugo novel.

More seriously, the only thing that makes me limit my recommendation it is that it is a nerd's novel filled with nerdy references to 'Cavorite' and a surprising amount of hard science for such a far future setting.

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