Ravaged By Tentacles (Reluctant Dubcon Tentacle Erotica)

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Ravaged By Tentacles (Reluctant Dubcon Tentacle Erotica)

Ravaged By Tentacles (Reluctant Dubcon Tentacle Erotica)

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The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife, a design by Hokusai of 1814 depicting a woman having sex with two octopuses Tamatori steals the Dragon King's jewel, woodblock print by Utagawa Kuniyoshi. Tentacles of the Yokai is a short erotic story (7000+ words) detailing the burgeoning relationship of a young college girl and a tentacled 'monster' of the sea.

I let out a grunt of frustration and dug my heels into the soil, the long reeds of grass brushing up my calves. To my surprise, the tendrils emerged from the water with an undeniable will in their movement, as if they were limbs clinging to my own. The tentacle slipped under her bikini top and with a quick hard tug, ripped it off her, leaving her in only her bottoms. The inside was spare but inviting, just a single room with the necessities: a freestanding iron hearth on one side framed by two lounging chairs, a kitchenette with a small dining table next to one window, and a bed and bedside table next to the far corner. Eve does, that about 10 percent of the population has a fetish, and that being into something unconventional doesn't mean there's anything wrong with you.So many tendrils caressed the lips of her sex while others sought out the delicate jewel nestled within, slowly circling until her clitoris was pulsating with arousal. While exposed genitalia (and, until recently, pubic hair) is illegal, the diversity of permissible sexual acts is now fairly wide, relative to other liberal democracies. It was only when she entered a large, garden-like open space that she realised that she had unknowingly been separated from her friends. She just lay there, panting and leaking both her juices and the beasts seed from her overstretched pussy. The evil spirit inhabiting the woods uses tree limbs and branches to ensnare, strip, and rape her, possessing her through the sexual acts in a way reminiscent of that in which tentacles are depicted in other pieces of media.

After an hour of struggling and unsuccessfully trying to escape its clutches, she soon came to find that a quick death or even torture was not its goal – or at least not the kind of torture she had feared. Even if the porno is created consensually, does it send the wrong message to its audience of male consumers? I watched in shocked awe as the long, warm, thick appendages wrapped around my arms, while a thicker trunk tightened around my midsection. My chest heaved up and down as the tip of the appendage reached the apex of my thighs with my legs held inexorably apart.These photographs also challenge wider questions about the interplay of fiction and reality, fantasy and the everyday, in all the photographs we consume. Even just the slight teasing motions around her clitoris, the occasional hum of pleasure to her pussy, was enough to bring her towards the pinnacle. She does like MFM, but she’d prefer if only one or neither of the male character where romantic interests. And while Hysteric Ten might confront a taboo, taboos are always relative, as the photographer explains.

There’s an argument that the more extreme sexual narratives of Japan’s visual culture have actually been borne out of this censorship, with, for instance, tentacles replacing the necessary bokashi (fogged) genitalia. The first purely non-erotic anime portraying a tentacle assault would be the 1986 anime OVA Guyver: Out of Control, where a female Chronos soldier named Valcuria is enshrouded by the second (damaged) Guyver unit that surrounds her in tentacle form and assaults her. Right now, you should do yourself a favor and see this show, alone or with any number of acquaintances. The use of sexualized tentacles in live-action films, while much rarer, started in American B-movie horror films and has since migrated to Japan.She was only half conscious of the surroundings, feeling lost in a hazy limbo, unable to even fully notice the mechanical tendrils that were wrapping themselves around her limbs.

Common themes and characters you’ll see in my tentacle erotica is sci fi worlds and concepts, alien tentacles, monsters, female scientists and explorers, bondage, reluctance, and exotic or unexpected settings. Europa und Amerika (Aug 1918) from the German satirical newspaper ‘Simplicissimus’ by Wilhelm Schulz (Photo source; picbear. But he maintained a private collection and, as shown in Tate Modern’s current show Picasso 1932, he was undoubtedly inspired by Hokusai’s fantasy as well as potentially the underwater filming of octopuses by French filmmaker Jean Painlevé, influences which mixed to result in his “ Reclining Nude”, transforming mistress Marie-Thérèse Walter into a bulbous, multi-limbed alien. Tentacle stories are also a great introduction to monster sex stories if you’re curious about what the hype is all about.The beast must have sensed that because it pulled the tentacle from her mouth as Amanda gulped in sweet fresh air.

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