Lekto Woodfuels Night Briquettes - 20kg (20 Briquettes), Up to 8 Hour Slow Burn | Ideal for Wood Stoves, Log Burners, Sheltered Fire Pits & Chiminea | Eco Friendly Compressed Wood Fire Bricks

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Lekto Woodfuels Night Briquettes - 20kg (20 Briquettes), Up to 8 Hour Slow Burn | Ideal for Wood Stoves, Log Burners, Sheltered Fire Pits & Chiminea | Eco Friendly Compressed Wood Fire Bricks

Lekto Woodfuels Night Briquettes - 20kg (20 Briquettes), Up to 8 Hour Slow Burn | Ideal for Wood Stoves, Log Burners, Sheltered Fire Pits & Chiminea | Eco Friendly Compressed Wood Fire Bricks

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An upside-down fire works by preventing the fire that you started with your tinder and kindling from passing through colder logs, which will lead to smoke. Hardwoods are also less resinous than softwoods and are therefore less likely to result in a build up of tar deposits in your flue, reducing its efficiency or increasing the risk of a flue fire. If you are finding that your fire is going out quickly and your logs are burning fast then decrease the oxygen getting into the fire by closing the air vents. A superior type of heat log that is a cost effective fuel choice for your wood burner or multi-fuel stove. All of our logs are sourced from sustainable, British woodland within 50 miles of our processing centre to minimise road miles.

UK RUF are great to get the fire going, used as a ‘heat sink’ in the back of the fire, where they will glow for a couple of hours and help create a really good heart in your fire. Our favourites logs to burn are ash and beech but any hardwood species including birch, oak and alder should work in your log burner. Hotmax 20kg is made in the UK from softwood fines (sawdust and bark) extracted whilst making dust free horse bedding. This can be a really easy way to help your fire last a bit longer by catching bits of wood that haven’t been burnt yet as your fire is dying out. One heat log can last up to 4 hours, offering a warm and cosy experience with less tending to than traditional firewood.The best quality briquettes are made from 100% wood, which is free from contaminants like glue or paint. One kiln dried log can produce the same amount of energy as around three freshly cut logs because there's so much water to evaporate in the greenwood. This knowledge would go completely extinct if it weren’t for blogs like this that taught the skill well, and encouraged adventurous souls to go to the woods and give it a go!

For example, if you want a fire that is quickly alight and has a good heat output, you could select a briquette which would offer you that. Softwood kindling is therefore best used to get a fire started, the resinous and fibrous nature of softwood helping it to burn from cold. e. long burn Nestro wood briquettes) burn for longer versus competitor products with a delayed peak in heat production and a longer after-peak burn, producing a steadily durable flow of heat. The environmental impact of our products is important to us, so we are constantly working with our suppliers to improve the sustainability of their packaging by using cardboard in place of plastic wherever possible.Incidentally, using a tarp, especially a reflective tarp inside your lean-to wall will reflect a lot of the fire’s infrared heat back onto you, as well as provide wind and water protection. Sometimes wood briquettes can be confused with charcoal briquettes which give off carbon dioxide as they burn and should not be used indoors. They are produced by compressing these materials under high pressure, all without using any additives or binders. If you want to get your fire crackling quickly and with ease, there is one artificial wood that stands head and shoulders above the competition: Duraflame 4577 Ultra-Premium Firelogs.

From a small net containing up to a dozen logs, all the way up to a dumpy bag large enough to fuel multiple fires or last through winter. When used properly, wood is a 100% renewable, carbon-neutral source of energy which is cheaper and more eco-friendly than gas or other alternatives. As I mentioned in Podcast Episode 6, the key tools you should carry in a winter forest environment are an axe and a snow shovel.When that is in place, it should take easily as long as a) you have chosen your main fuel well and b) the fire underneath is sufficiently well established. or 5 logs like this will keep burning all night with some tending and a pile of smaller stuff to coax it along. Because they’re square, RUF blocks don’t roll in the hearth, so they’re easy and safe to use in an open fire. However, more recently organic farm waste and coffee grounds, nuts shells, have replaced petroleum products. They are a handy size so they’re excellent on a smaller stove or open fire, but they’re still chunky enough to give a really good burn time.

However, if you are in a smoke controlled area and have a DEFRA approved appliance, then you can burn high quality briquettes. What works in my stove may not work in your stove, so proceed with care and be sure not to overload your fire.

Burns slowly with a good heat output and produces a pleasant smell with little sparking or spitting. They’re easy to light, small enough to fit any stove, but hot enough to make the space cosy very quickly. Before we even get into how you should make your fire - different logs will have better longevity than others.

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