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Skeleton Key (Alex Rider)

Skeleton Key (Alex Rider)

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The following is a list of the protagonists recurring, appearing in, or referred to in the Alex Rider series, listed alphabetically. Nightshade is a freelance terror unit posing as a cult, specialising in capturing the children of families connected to the military, intelligence and other areas, and indoctrinating them to be the perfect child soldier, utterly obedient to the will of the "Teachers", who are the executive committee of Nightshade. The four Teachers, all Americans, are: Tom Harris is Alex's best friend at Brookland High School. He first appeared in the novel Scorpia, and has since appeared in Crocodile Tears, Scorpia Rising, Nightshade and Nightshade Revenge.

da Silva is the main antagonist of the short story Christmas at Gunpoint. Very little is known about him. Owen Andrews is a minor antagonist in Nightshade, the assistant of Dominic Royce. He is placed undercover in MI6 by Royce because of a leak in the intelligence community. He exposes Mrs. Jones' use of Alex to Royce, who disbands them and places Jones and John Crawley under house arrest, and gives Andrews a week's vacation in Costa Rica, with Crawley warning Andrews that he will make sure he regrets his betrayal for the rest of his life. Later when MI6 is reformed, it is revealed that a drunken Andrews was arrested after being found on a beach in a Batman costume with a five hundred gram bag of cocaine concealed in the cape (all of which was set up by Crawley). He is last mentioned to be facing up to ten years in prison. Alex also befriended Tom Harris, when he was six. Tom tells Kyra how he and Alex came to be best friends. Apparently, when he was six, Alex was being bullied by some older kids. Tom didn't protect him but, Alex 'stood up for himself like he always does.' Later, Tom had a laugh about it with Alex and they became friends. [20]Alex is an accomplished, skillful and proficient martial artist. Through a combination of his variety of skills and using whatever is around him as a weapon gives Alex an advantage against dangerous opponents, notably him being able to defeat Nile and Conrad through using his surroundings and their own weaknesses to defeat them, even when they've gained the upper hand and are close to killing him. He has exceptionally fast reflexes and relies mainly on the element of surprise and psychological and tactical advantages. Sister" Jeanne. She has "the look of a matron at a private clinic," is well-built, with chestnut hair which always looks fake, and wears too much makeup to disguise her age. She has medical responsibility for the Numbers. The first is in Point Blanc, where he activates a distress signal but MI6 ignores him and he ends up escaping from the academy of his own accord. He appears again in the short story Alex Rider: Secret Weapon, this time as the main antagonist. Here, it is revealed that he grew up in Dagenham, in the care of foster parents, after his mother walked out on him when he was three years old. At school, he was a disruptive influence and a bully, getting himself excluded from two schools, refusing to pay attention, and getting involved as a drug dealer in a gang at a young age, as well as being a drug user. At sixteen, the entire gang leadership died in a turf war, allowing him to go into business for himself, buying a barge in Putney and scientific equipment from across London, providing him with a lair and supplies to produce drugs from. He also alters the purity of the drugs that he sells, adding such products as glucose powder, dried milk and rat poison, making the drugs go further and increasing his profits.

da Silva is described as being thirty years old, with blond hair that looks painted on, a lazy smile, a Bronx accent, pale skin, bulging muscles, and bad teeth. It is mentioned that the school secretary, Jane Bedfordshire, has always had a soft spot for Alex. [12] [18] Involvement with MI6 Royce first appears at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, in a meeting with Mrs Jones. He has discovered that she has used Alex on numerous occasions, and tells her to never use him again. Blunt had forced him into this. In the end, the big difference between him and James Bond wasn't a question of age. It was a question of loyalty. In the old days, spies had done what they'd done because they loved their country, because they believed in what they were doing. But he hadn't even been given a choice. Nowadays spies weren't employed, they were used.ALEX RIDER SERIES SKELETON KEY dirty plates. There was no sign of the guard and for a moment Alex thought he‟d lost him. But then he saw a figure disappearing behind a series of translucent plastic strips that hung from the ceiling to the floor. He could just make out the man‟s uniform on the other side of the barrier. He hurried forward and went through. Alex realized two things at the same moment. He no longer had any idea where he was—and he was there on his own. He was in an underground chamber, banana-shaped, curving round, with concrete pillars supporting the roof. It looked like an underground carpark and there were indeed three or four cars parked in bays next to the raised walkway where he was standing now. But most of the space was taken up by trash. There were empty cardboard boxes, wooden pallets, a rusting cement mixer, bits of old fencing and broken down coffee vending machines, thrown out and left to rot on the damp cement floor. The air smelled bad and Alex could hear a constant whine, like an electric saw, coming from a garbage compactor just out of his sight. And yet the area was also used for the storage of food and drink. There were beer barrels, hundreds of bottles of fizzy drinks, gas cylinders and, clustered together, eight or nine massive white boxes—refrigerators, each one carrying the label RAWLINGS REFRIGERATION. Alex looked up at the roof. It was slanting upwards and the shape reminded him of something. Of course! The raked seating around Court Number One! That was where he was—in the loading bay beneath the tennis court. This was the underbelly of Wimbledon all right. This was where all the supplies arrived and where all the trash Left. And right now, ten thousand people were sitting just a few metres above his head, enjoying the game, unaware that everything they consumed throughout the day began and ended here. R. V. Weinberg is an antagonist in Snakehead. He is an American reality TV producer from Miami who has gone blind, due to a serious condition, and Dr. Tanner has decided to give him Alex's eyes. Vosper is first seen at the Grimaldi twins' villa in Saint-Tropez, where he discusses part of Operation Steel Claw with the twins. From his information, Alex and MI6 at first believe the twins are trying to steal Mesoamerican gold artefacts from the museum, but bugging his office and the museum disproves this theory. Alex works out that it is, in fact, Vosper's wife, Jane, who the twins are going after, after seeing a poster for a Shakespeare play that Vosper mentioned at the villa. He first appears in the novel after placing a bomb in The Salesman's ship, where he is seen by Alex Rider, although Alex doesn't know who he is at the time. Later, after Tom Turner (named Glen Carver in the US version of Skeleton Key) and Belinda Troy are killed in an underwater cave, Conrad kidnaps Alex and puts him in a crusher, only for Alex to be saved by General Sarov, who plans on adopting Alex.

The American Secretary of State is an unnamed minor character in the novel Scorpia Rising. She is described by Joe Byrne as a "hardliner," and is central to Scorpia agent Abdul Aziz al-Rahim's plan to have the Elgin Marbles returned to Greece (and is apparently of Greek extract herself). A potential rival to the US president, the Secretary of State is in Egypt to make a speech denouncing Britain as a world power – a speech guaranteed to give her international attention. Skunk is the name given to a minor villain from Never Say Die. He is a henchman of the Grimaldi twins. Quombi is stated to have spent a third of his life in prison, before being recruited by the snakehead. He is said to enjoy his work, and taunting the unwilling organ donors until they die. However, he is stated to be greedy, attracted only by money, and is unhappy when he is told to observe Alex until the morning, when he is to lose his eyes to a blind reality TV producer, and will not be getting any overtime pay. Unlike with operations Invisible Sword and Reef Encounter, Kurst decides to follow this operation more closely to prevent mistakes; it is this closer link with the plot that eventually proves his undoing. The plan fails and ends in the deaths of Razim, Julius Grief and Erik Gunter. While he tries to flee to his safe house in Siberia, Kurst is arrested by the Interpol and put on trial for several criminal charges. After Kurst's arrest, Scorpia is officially disbanded.

After each and every mission, Alex is severely traumatized. By the end of Scorpia Rising, he's profoundly emotionally damaged. Losing his housekeeper, the only adult who really cared about him, was a major blow, but shooting Julius was also a contributing factor. Not only did he kill another human being, he killed a person who looked just like him. Essentially, he killed himself. Because of this, he is mostly quiet and brooding after it's all over. The head of CIA, Joe Bryne compared it to "As if he had aged ten years." [16] However, Edward Pleasure is hopeful and determined to help Alex recover and heal. Alexander Rider was born on February 13, 1996, [14] in East London, England, to John Rider, an MI6 agent and Helen Rider, at the time working as a nurse in radiology. The second is in Snakehead, where the watch Smithers provides him is deactivated by Ash and he eventually escapes using an exploding coin. ALEX RIDER SERIES SKELETON KEY sudden stillness. Photographers hung, vulture-like, over huge telephoto lenses while beneath them, in green-covered bunkers, television cameras swung round to take in the first serve. The players faced each other: two men whose whole lives had led up to this moment and whose future in the game would be decided in the next few minutes. It was all so very English—the grass, the strawberries, the straw hats. And yet it was still bloody, a gladiatorial contest like no other. “Quiet please, ladies and gentlemen…” The umpire‟s voice rang out through the various speakers and then the first player served. Jacques Lefevre was French, twenty-two years old and new to the tournament. Nobody had expected him to get this far. He was playing a German, Jamie Blitz, one of the favourites in this year‟s competition. But it was Blitz who was losing—two sets down, five games to two. Alex watched him as he waited, balancing on the balls of his feet. Lefevre served. The ball thundered close to the centre line. An ace. “Fifteen love.” Alex was close enough to see defeat in the German‟s eyes. This was the cruelty of the game; the psychology of it. Lose your mental edge and you could lose everything. That was what had happened to Blitz now. Alex could almost smell it in his sweat. As he walked to the other side of the court to face the next serve, his whole body looked heavy, as if it was taking all his strength just to keep himself there. He lost the next point and the one after. Alex sprinted across the court, snatched up a ball and just had time to roll it up to the ballboy at left base one. Not that it would be needed. It looked as if there would be only one more serve in the game. Kaspar is the second major antagonist to still be alive after the main antagonist of the story (Nikolei Drevin) is killed. The first was Yassen Gregorovitch, who first killed Herod Sayle himself in Stormbreaker, and later died in Eagle Strike shortly after the main antagonist, Damian Cray, was killed.

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