Nikon Aculon T11 8-24x25 Zoom Binoculars 8 to 24x 25 mm Front Lens Diameter

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Nikon Aculon T11 8-24x25 Zoom Binoculars 8 to 24x 25 mm Front Lens Diameter

Nikon Aculon T11 8-24x25 Zoom Binoculars 8 to 24x 25 mm Front Lens Diameter

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This nicely sets out a progression model for teachers once the class are comfortable with multiplying 3 or 4-digit numbers by a 1-digit number. Long multiplication questions in SATs But this is missing out a crucial stage of learning – moving from a procedural to a conceptual understanding of what’s going on. That’s a total of 16 steps that children need to become fluent in to get to the final answer. Bearing in mind the limits of our working memory, this is a lot to take on and can quite easily overwhelm it. This will prevent this information from being encoded. An example of the one I would use in this lesson is below. Long multiplication diagnostic question example So far everything that has happened before is not new to us. Now we have a brand new step. To understand what happens we need to activate our knowledge of place value. The first digit in the multiplier is in the ones and it is worth one.

Next, I would call upon all pupils to solve the multiplication, again showing me on their fingers or mini-whiteboards to ensure participation. Here is the long multiplication method broken down step by step using the second example from the national curriculum appendix: How to do long multiplication step by step Example: 124 x 26 The other lesson from cognitive science that has impacted my teaching has been the role of cognitive load theory in the classroom. Cognitive load theory attempts to explain why it is that we fail to encode new information from our working memory into our long-term memory.In this step, pupils will be called on to give answers and the whole class can mark as they hear the answer. If some of them disagree with an answer we can discuss it as a class until the correct answer is found. Step 8 – Diagnostic questions How does this help us teach the long multiplication method? Well let’s be clear about something first. From the model, we can see that the person uses their attention to take things from the environment into the working memory. The person then attempts to encode this information into their long-term memory, but some information may be forgotten for a myriad of reasons.

Finally, I would ask pupils to look at the other worked example on the board and to tell their partner what the final step would be –the addition of the two products. The class would do this with me, showing the answers with their fingers or on mini-whiteboards. Fluency is the process of retrieving information from out of long-term memory with no effort on our working memory, freeing up valuable space in our working memory to give attention to other things.’ Read more: Fluency, Reasoning and Problem Solving What is the long multiplication method? I would then show them another example. This time, the example would be with 11 as the multiplier – this would be on the same slide as the previous example.In the Year 6 objectives for multiplication and division, it says that, ‘pupils should be multiply multi-digit numbers up to 4 digits by a two-digit whole number using the formal written method of long multiplication.’

This makes it far more likely that the procedure will be remembered, as pupils can focus all their attention on understanding the procedure and not on the multiplication. Again, I would like to stress that the purpose of this is so pupils can get to grips with the procedure so it can be internalised. Step 1 – Establishing prior multiplication knowledge No matter what pupils’ starting point is, there are still things we can do in the classroom to help them all get to grips with the procedure of long multiplication. As I mentioned earlier, my aim for the first couple of lessons is to build confidence in the method.

As you go through each example, get the pupils to do more of the explaining, particularly when it comes to the dropping of the zero and reminding one another to add the two products together. If you find children struggling, stop and rehearse this to ensure the correct language is being embedded. I would then provide two long multiplication questions that I would ask pupils to complete independently. During this time, I will observe and support as required. This makes sense as if they are fluent in these areas, they are effectively reducing what their working memory needs to attend to. Assuming fluency in these two things, what they need to learn is reduced from 16 to 4-6 things.

Happy that pupils are able to copy the process and understand it, I would now provide a long multiplication worksheet for them to complete.This is an important point for teachers to recognise: it’s not that one child has an innate ability to do long multiplication and one child does not. It’s that one child has simply retained the crucial knowledge needed to be successful and therefore can make the connection to prior knowledge to drastically reduce what they need to actively work out. Long multiplication is a written multiplication method used when multiplying two or three digit numbers by another number of two or more digits. It is often referred to as column multiplication. In previous blogs, I have mentioned being aware of learning vs performing and this is no different. Despite hearing pupils give really articulate answers during step 2 or getting both questions right in step 3, I am still very much aware that although these pupils are performing well, nothing has changed in their long-term memory as they are merely repeating what has been shown to them. I would then hope to see all thumbs down. If a child has put their thumbs up, I would engage in a whole-class dialogue to see why this is the case and refer to the example that is on the board. Step 3 – Setting out the long multiplication method

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