Womens Scarf Camouflage Printed Scarf Shawl Wraps Lightweight Long Soft Camo Pattern Infinity Scarves for Ladies Girls

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Womens Scarf Camouflage Printed Scarf Shawl Wraps Lightweight Long Soft Camo Pattern Infinity Scarves for Ladies Girls

Womens Scarf Camouflage Printed Scarf Shawl Wraps Lightweight Long Soft Camo Pattern Infinity Scarves for Ladies Girls

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Shemagh scarves provide protection from dust storms. Granted, dust storms aren’t a major concern for most Americans, although they do pop up from time to time ( 4). It’s a different story, however, for those who live or are stationed in areas of the Middle East, where dust storms are a commonplace occurrence ( 5). When the choking clouds of dust and sand roll in, the shemagh provides invaluable protection that allows you to breathe until you can find significant cover. A shemagh scarf can be used to filter water. Should you find yourself in a situation where clean water is scarce you can use the keffiyeh/shemagh to filter particulate matter, including some bacteria ( 6). Of course, the shemagh is not going to filter out all bacteria, but it will clean the water of dirt, twigs and other objects that could make it undrinkable. Once filtered, the water can be boiled and then used for drinking or cooking.

Shemagh scarves can be used as pillows. Sleeping in a tent is hard enough. It’s even worse if you don’t have any way to support your head while you try to sleep. If you have a shemagh with you it can be rolled up and used as a very acceptable pillow in its own right. Or, if you have an inflatable pillow, you can wrap it in your shemagh to make the surface more agreeable to your skin. The Explore Land Cotton Shemagh Scarf is light and airy and feels great. It’s versatile, practical and available in some 2 dozen colors. At 41 x 41 inches this is as small as we could justify including on our list. Any smaller and you wouldn’t be able to achieve some of the traditional wraps associated with the keffiyeh. And that would undermine its claim to being a true shemagh. But at 41 x 41 it slips in under the wire, so it’s all good. The number of colors is limited, and the size is a less-than-traditional 43 x 43 inches. Still, the scarf is comfortable, affordable, durable, and versatile. Not sure what more you could ask of a scarf than that. FAQs What Is a Shemagh Scarf? A shemagh scarf can be used as a signal flag. Should you become lost in the wilderness, or have an accident and require assistance, a shemagh is large enough to make an effective signal flag. It can be tied to a tree or waved should you have the energy. If your keffiyeh is brightly colored then it will do an even better job drawing attention to your location. A shemagh scarf also helps you stay warm on those cold desert nights. Just as the desert can get baking hot in the daytime it tends to get cool at night as there is nothing to hold the heat, which vents into the atmosphere. In that case, the keffiyeh has historically been used to provide warmth against the desert cold. Today, it is used by people all over the world as a winter scarf.The Mato & Hash Shemagh Cotton Scarf is billed as a ‘military’ scarf. But there is nothing particularly militaristic about it. It’s a traditional (almost) keffiyeh that can be used for whatever purpose you have in mind, military or otherwise. We say it’s ‘almost’ traditional because at 43 x 43 inches it’s slightly smaller than the true keffiyeh, which is 47 x 47 inches. But it’s close enough that it won’t be an issue for most people. Color is another consideration. If you are wearing a shemagh simply as a fashion statement, then more power to you and you can get whatever color your heart desires. But if you intend to wear one in the bush, you’ll want one that dovetails with the local flora so that you’re not obvious to your quarry. What is the Right Way to Care for a Shemagh?

Because the keffiyeh/shemagh is made of 100% woven cotton you need to be pretty careful about how you wash it. You should avoid putting it in the washing machine, and avoid the dryer at all costs. Just a few times through the washing machine/dryer cycle will be enough to destroy your shemagh. So, hand wash your keffiyeh with warm water and a mild soap. And always hang dry it. Getting this right will ensure your shemagh scarf is with you for years to come. The Bottom Line Shemagh scarves can be used as emergency bandages or tourniquets. Serious injuries are something no hiker or hunter wants to contemplate. But they happen. If you have a keffiyeh with you however, you have a fast and effective means of creating a tourniquet ( 7). If you don’t need something as drastic as a tourniquet but still need to cover a wound to prevent infection, the shemagh can be cut into strips and used as bandages. Local history has it that the shemagh originated on the Arabian Peninsula, although over time their popularity spread throughout the entire Middle East. During the 1930s they became a symbol of the Arab Revolt ( 2). And during the 1970s the keffiyeh became the trademark look of Palestinian Liberation Organization leader Yasser Arafat ( 3). A real shemagh/keffiyeh is made of 100% cotton. There are a lot of so-called shemaghs on the market today that look the part, but are a mixture of cotton and synthetic fabrics like polyester. So lets be clear: a polyester shemagh is not a real shemagh.Size is another consideration. The classic Arab keffiyeh is 47 inches by 47 inches. We’ve seen them as small as 29 x 29 inches. But nothing like that made our list. That’s because size is important sometimes, and this is one of them. The smaller the scarf, the less versatile it is. And whether you’re wearing one on patrol in Iraq, or while hunting in Idaho, versatility matters. The shemagh (pronounced ‘schmog’) is a traditional cotton scarf that originated in the Middle East, where it is known primarily as the ‘keffiyeh’. No one is quite sure when the first shemaghs appeared, but they were already considered traditional Arab dress at the time of T. E. Lawrence – better known as Lawrence of Arabia ( 1) – during World War I. At 43 x 43 inches this shemagh is 4 inches smaller in each direction than the traditional scarf it emulates. But it’s close enough to still be plenty versatile. The Stars and Stripes motif on one of the scarves is questionable at best, however. Not that we’re down on the US, but the keffiyeh has very strong historic ties to Arab culture and the Palestinian movement and it would seem wise if those associations were respected. That said, this is still a great scarf. 5. ChinFun Keffiyeh Desert Scarf With 18 color and pattern combinations everyone is likely to find a Rothco Shemagh Desert Keffiyeh Scarf that will serve their purpose. While slightly smaller than tradition demands at 42 x 42 inches, it’s not so small that it warrants exclusion from our list. That’s because, let’s face it, not everyone is the same size and so there is some wiggle room available here. Not much, but some. A shemagh scarf enables you to keep cooler in the blazing heat. The sun isn’t the only enemy in the Arabian Desert. Temperatures in that part of the world can reach 130 Fahrenheit. Keeping the sun off their skin with a keffiyeh helps the desert peoples mitigate the effects of extreme heat. And it can do the same for you when you’re hiking the Bright Angel Trail in the Grand Canyon in July.

At 43 x 43 it’s a wee bit smaller than the traditional keffiyeh, but not so much that it inhibits the scarf’s usefulness. Whether you’re navigating the frigid, wind-blown streets of Boston in the winter, or the summiting Half Dome under the relentless summer sun, the Vochic Shemagh scarf has you covered. Literally. 9. Tapp Collections Premium Shemagh Scarf

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