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Chaste Sissy

Chaste Sissy

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It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that this obvious discrepancy in sexual gratification is an even huger turn-on for the sissy. Therein lies the intoxicating power of chastity. This month, we received questions from two different blog followers about the same issue which suggests their chastity device related issues are something that may apply to our wider audience. Today we’re discussing the appearance of sores on the penis while wearing a chastity device and how to prevent them. That’s debunking 5 crazy chastity myths. All get promoted by people who know little about chastity and, for whatever reasons, have no interest in learning what chastity is about. Sure, chastity isn’t for everyone. I prefer a dominant woman as a keyholder who doesn’t reject the idea of chastity outright. It tells me she has taken the time to learn what it is about. Also, it shows she will consider ideas and opinions that are new or different to her own and doesn’t selfishly dismiss something just because her submissive might take pleasure in doing it for her.

House of Denial offers more Hera base ring size options than Kink3D, twelve to the Cobra’s eight. The Hera base rings all come in even metric diameters, so those who own a Cobra and might consider getting a Hera may not find the same diameter base ring. In my case, I wear the 44.5mm base ring with my Cobra but the slightly larger 45mm base ring with the Hera. The difference is so negligible that I don’t even notice it. The consensus opinion of medical professionals is that we should wash our penis once each day. Some respondents to the survey I referenced reported they washed their penis at least twice a day. But this is a case where more is not always better. Washing too often can cause irritation, dryness, and itching. Still, not washing enough is worse than washing too often.

From Sissy Chastity to Sissygasms

Slightly heavy and not so portable, risky in high heels due to the possibility of trips and falls with restrained hands.

I know I talk about chastity a lot in My Empire. However, I felt it was vital to focus on exactly WHY chastity is so essential for sissy training and take the time to explain it all to you. Male Orgasms Prevent Proper Feminization It’s always difficult to diagnose the specific problems individuals have when wearing chastity devices. Generally, readers who send in questions do a good job of describing their problem. But, not knowing them personally, I can’t, of course, know details about them that could shed light on the problem they share and seek a solution for. That’s the case with both of these situations, since the first thing I would want to know is the specifics of their hygiene habits. I was planning to do Denial December, but that was when I wasn’t planning on doing NOvember. Now I’m undecided. First, I think I need a break. But there is another reason. I’m not feeling confident that Michele is going to be a good fit as a long-term keyholder. Not that she isn’t a lovely person, but the regular teasing we discussed at the beginning hasn’t materialized.Long story short, the more we talked, the more the woman impressed me. We will call her Amanda since I don’t have her permission to use her Chaster identity. Like I did with Lucie, I sensed Amanda was obviously an authentic dominant woman, not someone just playing a role. She told me she had one full-time sub but was looking to acquire a second sub if she found someone who met her standards and seemed a good fit. Then she asked if I was interested in finding a full-time Domme. When I admitted I was, she offered me a seven-day trial during which we would get acquainted and see if we were a good fit. When I said I was interested in the trial, she sent me an application for consideration to complete which would help her determine how much kink compatibility we had. A chastity cage is crucial for the training of the sissy slave. The sissy slave needs to stay in a submissive mindset for as long as possible and needs to be reminded constantly during the day that the sissy slave is owned. That is why a Chastity cage is so important! Sissies should no longer pay attention to their penis. Eventually, the sissy slave will learn to experiment mastrubating as a girl Chastity needs to be comfortable I suspect with all men who desire chastity, even if it’s motivated initially by a chastity device fetish or the desire for penis bondage sensations, the effects of orgasm denial are also a part of the attraction. The orgasm denial effects are a big part of it for me. But not only from a sexual pleasure standpoint. The constant, elevated arousal also stimulates my submissive nature, and the more aroused I become and the longer it persists, the more submissive I feel toward my keyholder. That’s truly the part of it I like and want most. And I also crave the control aspect of it. I want to feel her control, her ownership of my penis and my orgasms.

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