BAGEYOU Personalized Doormat Peeking Dog Cockapoo No Need to Knock I Konw You're Here Floor Mat 27.5 x 17.7 Inch

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BAGEYOU Personalized Doormat Peeking Dog Cockapoo No Need to Knock I Konw You're Here Floor Mat 27.5 x 17.7 Inch

BAGEYOU Personalized Doormat Peeking Dog Cockapoo No Need to Knock I Konw You're Here Floor Mat 27.5 x 17.7 Inch

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Otherwise, not only will your items suffer, but sometimes careless chewing can wreak havoc in the health of your furry friend. Buy Them A Toy Made with a sturdy polyester mix, the surface of these doormats is made to have a non-scratchy texture, so it won’t be too ‘ruff’ for feet or paws.

If you can’t find the time to play every day, get them a toy or something stimulating that can keep them busy for a long time. Be Firm About it None of these methods will help you stop the behavior but will create a rift between the two of you. Find a nicer way of stopping the habit, such as directing their attention to something else like playing or exercise. Mental And Physical Stimulation Pawfect as a housewarming gift, or perhaps just as a treat for yourself, personalised doormats make for unique and practical presents. Not only can you add an adorable dog icon, but also their names, and owners' names. Make it a bundle! Crating may help to keep them away from the furniture when you’re not around, but you can’t keep them there for a long time as they might get restless and anxious. Anything more than 6 hours is not recommended. Get a toy or an object that is not so valuable to you or too dangerous to them when they chew. In this case, a toy will be the most appropriate.

Standing your ground on things you don’t like may work well in stopping that annoying chewing habit. At times, other methods such as redirection, playing, or moving the items away might not be effective. Therefore, Chewing is normal only that there are different motivations behind it, and sometimes they may direct it to inappropriate items such as furniture, clothes, papers, etc. Ensure your house is tidy and in perfect shape so that your dog doesn’t get access to items that they might destroy. Cleaning after yourself is paramount when living with a pet in the same room.

Designed with dog lovers in mind, our selection of doormats (quite rightly) shows visitors just how much you pup-reciate your pooch. In fact, why don't you give them the royal treatment and treat them to a luxuriously soft new dog bedtoo? Let’s Get Personalised Sometimes the chewing behavior can be so irritating that you feel like shouting to your little furry friend. Hey! Control yourself because shouting and throwing things at them won’t help. One of the ways to stimulate them either physically or mentally is to play or exercise with them from time to time. Engage in a different activity or go to different places for a walk to satisfy their curiosity. If the puppies or the adult dog still insists on chewing your valuable items, such as the expensive leather you just bought, you might want to try repelling them from the item. Others may chew on doors or cages attempts to try to escape their confinement. You need to keep a diary of your dog’s chewing to identify the motivation behind it. This way, you can record when and where they chew and what happens before that.Once they smell and taste it for a day or two, they will always associate the item with a bad taste and stay away from it even after you stop spraying. Be Gentle You must understand that chewing is a behavior of all dogs regardless of age or breed. Puppies may chew to ease the irritation that comes with teething, while older dogs may chew to strengthen their jaws and clean their teeth. Make them understand that you don’t like them chewing and don’t give them a chance to do it even when you’re not watching. Train them often and don’t give up on trying to stop the behavior. Punishing your dog will only instill fear on your furry friend, and they might start to keep distant from you. If you must do it, make sure you punish them when you catch them in action and use the most humane way possible.

In a dog-friendly household, what better way to welcome visitors than with a fabulous, woof-tastic personalised doormat? Whether you like bold, colourful, or witty, our collection has a little bit of everything. Each design has its own personality, making each doormat as wonderfully unique as your pooch!

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