Red Horse Products Hoof-Stuff 190ml

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Red Horse Products Hoof-Stuff 190ml

Red Horse Products Hoof-Stuff 190ml

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Superb product! My horse has had an abscess (now drained) which was located behind some seedy-toe which the vet removed leaving a fairy large hole between the sole and hoof wall, this product is excellent for filling the hole and keeping dirt and debris out of the hole. Happy horse! Minerals - Powerful but gentle minerals to give an ideal consistency, cleanse the area and support healthy tissues. I'd be worried about keeping her in because horses with thrush tend to stand on their dung to "cool" the soreness and burn from thrush. If she was in 24/7 its swapping one problem for another.

Brilliant stuff, well worth it. Used it last year and worked a treat when everything else failed. X” You need to ensure that the fissure is very clean, if there is any dirt in there it will hurt, you will get toe first landings and it won't improve any. Take a medical swab (gauze or similar - it doesn't have to be sterile) dip it in a similar disinfectant and use it to "floss" the fissure, to sweep out any particles of mud or gravel.

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I had mine on a very similar diet to yours, all based on Top Spec products. They are now on various quantities of Fast Fibre, Micronised Linseed and Pro Hoof, with a bit of low-alpha chaff for bulk and have never looked better. It might be worth a look at the contents of Pro Hoof and having a think about that. You just need to be careful what you add to it, might not be necessary. Also, both fronts have red concussion marks on the outer wall. From the way the wall tubules are laying, that is likely from a low heel long toe growth pattern, which causes the hoof wall matrix to ‘squish’ at the outer quarters, causing the red marks. The placement of the marks could have been caused when he was shod, but depending on hoof growth-speed, that may have happened just as shoes were taken off, and the hoof had more flexibility. We love this Field Paste We use it on all our Therapy Horses and it keeps their feet in excellent condition – it smells wonderful too” lol, thank you! I wish I could find some old pics of his hooves but sadly I changed phones and lost them. His hinds have always held quite a nice compact shape but he would square the ends off and his fronts would always splay outwards making the issue of a flat sole worse. All four feet however, have always been quite flat underneath with no definition, I would always have at least 1 set of shoes on a year to just try and help with the fronts a bit. This spans across the use of three farriers since my old farrier died when he was 4 and so I just always put it down to the beast because all the farriers I used at my old yard have incredible reputations and generally do an excellent job on all other horses I know. But since his move and his trim by John his entire foot shape has noticeably changed for the better, honestly his reputation up here is very well deserved!

This has kept our loan pony’s feet looking amazing despite changes in weather & ground conditions. A little goes a long way so excellent value for money” Highly recommend Field Paste to all horse owners. I’ve used it regularly on my horses, with other Red Horse hoof care products, for the last two years and it really works. Their feet are in great condition and hardly ever ‘smelly’! Love It!”These marks may have pushed the trimmer to take the walls right low, to relieve the pressure in the outer quarter walls. The risk of this is making the horse walk on sole and frog, which if weak, by thrush, usually - the horse is sore. Absolutely fantastic stuff. I use the Field Paste and it’s works magic on my ponies feet. Highly recommend” Matt Staples DWCF LSHMC CNBBT CNBF CFGP CLS CE Director and certified member of the equine lameness prevention organisation, UK Farrier Hoof-Stuff is advised for use in deeper, tighter holes in the hooves where it is deemed fabric would stay. With shallower holes Artimud is advised instead. Never used Cleantrax myself, so can't advise on how effective it is. I've heard good things though.

I spent a lot of time making my own natural hoof products, now I don’t have to, Field Paste and Artimud are fantastic products” Do a soak with something like CleanTrax. It is an oxine based disinfectant and won't damage healthy tissue. Thank you for making such a great easy to apply and use product that actually does what it promises.. Charlie and I are very, very, grateful. Love this stuff!! Has made such a difference to my two minis and 17hh Sporthorse. I’ve been using it with the Artimud and the more fibrous one (can’t remember name just now!) To treat hoof wall separation which was causing the small stones to get in. What a difference! Both my farrier and vet are really impressed with the results.”

However without seeing a picture and based in the information it does sound like if there is a deep cleft than heels have to be contracted to some degree and if the frog is weak there is also a chance that the heels are underrun but masked with shoeing.

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