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She’s so much fun to work with. She tells people that she was my Barbie doll. But she has a lot of good ideas, she knows how things should fit, and she wanted all her clothes to be very constricting — she has that funny walk [in the movie] because she can’t walk any other way. Her shoes are so outrageously high and uncomfortable, and she wanted that. I’m like, “Are you sure you can do the scene?” And she’s like, “Yes, I’ll do it. I’ll take them off in between shots. It’ll be fine.” She was miserable, but she did it because she felt it was right. In the book, the fashions are so outrageous in the Capitol that they aren’t meant to be actually worn. And that was the point: poking fun at fashion, and how outrageous trends can be. Yes. I’d done this before — I designed the first Harry Potter — and you don’t want to disappoint the fans. Things change when you do a film, but you try the best — I try the best I can to be respectful of the material and the characters. I mean, it’s mostly about the characters, and even if you can’t do every detail that’s in a book, you want to get the essence of that character across. From handcrafted designs to pieces by Alexander McQueen, Nicholas K, Tex Saverio and Juun J, the new Hunger Games film is an eye-popping fashion fantasy. The Hollywood Blog caught up with costume designer Trish Summerville to talk about the fashions she chose for Katniss, Peeta, and the competitors in the arena—plus, how she handled author Suzanne Collins’s frequent impulse to have characters appear nearly naked. A pair of knee pads come attachable to the suit so that your knees are protected when it comes to those combat moments against the other tributes or you are making your way through the jungle in the arena.

Step into the arena with our authentic Hunger Games replica costumes. These meticulously crafted outfits will transport you straight into the heart of the Capitol. From Katniss Everdeen's iconic "Girl on Fire" dress to Peeta Mellark's District 12 uniform, you'll find everything you need to recreate the most memorable moments from the series. Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. Of course, my immediate thought was, “Oh dear, how do I do all that?” That was the absolute terror factor that comes in the minute I read something. But I loved the books. I couldn’t put them down. For the 74th Hunger Games, the male and female tributes lived up to the name of their district with long light-blue outfits and luminous pearls which represent pearls in the sea, and had starfish on the shoulders. [1] At one point, I’m gonna say we were seeing a hundred people a day? We would get the person’s head shot and sizes the day before. That night I would go and set up fittings, and put looks together, and then put out, say, three to four different options. So we did individually fit every single person that’s at the party.Peeta's interview suit and several other pieces for him were by designer Juun J. Clothing by Nicholas K was also used for both Katniss and Peeta throughout their Victory Tour. [3] On Lucy Gray's "granny boots": “What can I put her in, that’s going to allow her to crawl through these tunnels and scurry up walls and, and get around?” [Summerville] wondered. “I wanted to give her something that was really attractive, and had a little bit of sex appeal and glamour to it. She’s a bit of a cancan girl, but then also give her ankle support.” [10] This Friday, a little old movie called The Hunger Games (based on the first book from Suzanne Collins’s best-selling trilogy) hits theaters. Costume designer Judianna Makovsky had the task of re-creating the looks for the people of Panem, including the outrageous pink getup Elizabeth Banks wears as Effie Trinket, the uniforms worn by tributes as they fight to the death, and Jennifer Lawrence’s show-stopping “girl on fire” moment. Makovsky, who hadn’t even read the books before director Gary Ross offered her the gig, talks about becoming a fan, her connection to Lenny Kravitz, and whether she’s Team Peeta or Team Gale. Well, when you do these costumes, each one is your children, and they all present their own problems and issues. Perhaps the biggest problem — even bigger than dealing with visual effects — was the weather where we were shooting [in North Carolina]. It was 90, more like 100 degrees, and 100 percent humidity. Very! I think that's because Francis loves to shoot things in a real, organic way and not have to add on lots of special effects. When it came to our combat soldiers for D13, we wanted them to be really functional so we worked with the UK designer Aitor Throup. We wanted them to be lean and practical and we had a fantastic collaboration with him.'

The silver outfits sported by the male and female tributes in the 74th Hunger Games represented the intricate inner working of electronic devices. The silver mesh material was very shiny, and might have been meant to represent metal electronics. [1]

We always take the actors’ personalities into account. I mean, I never really design the clothes until I know who the actor is. Of course they have opinions, but you also have to make the actor comfortable on-camera. That’s my job: to make it easy for them to their job, to not think about the costume. Some of these costumes, of course, are not the most comfortable things on earth, especially in that heat. But you have to let the actor’s personality shine through to a certain extent. However, in the book, Katniss Everdeen observed that both tributes from District 1 were spray-painted silver, in tasteful tunics glittering with jewels. [2] District 2 - Masonry [ ] Christian Cordella, an illustrator who worked on the first film, returned to create illustrations for District 13's costumes. [5] If you're looking for something more subtle, we have a range of District-themed costumes. Represent your favorite district with pride, whether it's the agricultural District 11 or the tech-savvy District 3. These costumes are perfect for group cosplays or for those who want to pay homage to their favorite characters without going all out. Lucy Gray Baird's rainbow dress was designed to match the book description and be functional in action sequences. Summerville went through a number of designs before she settled on one "made of tulle, netting, and fabric with plenty of stretch, that enabled [actress Rachel Zegler] and her stunt doubles to move freely." [10]

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