Thompsons Punjana Tea Bags 80 per pack

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Thompsons Punjana Tea Bags 80 per pack

Thompsons Punjana Tea Bags 80 per pack

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The iconic jingle, by former local ad man Rex McCaine, has been resurrected to celebrate the company's 120 years in business in Belfast - yes, Belfast. For most people, consuming up to 400 mg of caffeine per day is not associated with adverse health effects. That said, excessive intake could lead to negative symptoms, such as rapid heartbeat, anxiety, and insomnia ( 14). Research suggests that Assam tea’s rich supply of plant compounds may promote health in a number of ways. Boasts many antioxidants Although Assam tea makes for a healthy beverage for most people, it may not be appropriate for everyone. Caffeine content His sons, James (Ross's father) and Tony (David's father), both of whom have now passed on, developed the brand and introduced tea-bags in the 1950s. It was Ross's beautiful mother Lillias who came up with the name Punjana after her husband James Thompson, when passing the Gillespie statue in Comber Square, Co Down, noticed an inscription relating to the Punjab.

The exact amount of caffeine in 1 cup (240 ml) of Assam tea varies depending on how long it’s steeped but is typically around 60–112 mg. For comparison, 1 cup (240 ml) of brewed coffee provides about 100–150 mg ( 14). After fresh Assam tea leaves are harvested and withered, they undergo an oxidation process — also referred to as fermentation — that exposes them to oxygen in a controlled-temperature environment for a designated period of time ( 3). Belfast-born Ross is in awe of his father and uncle's courage in taking out that famous ad on the night of the launch of Ulster Television, and for their ability to have their business up and running again only eight weeks after an IRA bomb destroyed their original premises in Ann Street at the height of the Troubles, in 1975. Assam tea is often described as having a malty flavor and a rich, savory aroma. These distinct features are typically attributed to the tea’s unique production process. Because of its naturally high caffeine content, Assam tea is frequently marketed as a breakfast tea. Many Irish and English breakfast teas use Assam or a blend that includes it.

Your body naturally produces highly reactive chemicals called free radicals. When too many accumulate, they can damage your tissues and contribute to disease and accelerated aging ( 5).

Prebiotics are compounds found in various foods that support the growth and maintenance of healthy bacteria in your gut ( 10). Assam tea provides caffeine, which could be a detractor for anyone avoiding or limiting their intake of this stimulant. No one believes that we're a Northern Ireland company, not international," says Ross, a tall, lean man, who resembles the actor Ian McIlhenny. "We only recently came out as the family behind Punjana - people wanted to know the provenance behind the brand. Everyone knows the jingle." You have to develop a palate. David and I usually agree but we're not afraid to disagree - which makes the process more interesting. It keeps us competitive, to find the best. We're a wee bit fussy, I'm afraid. Excessive aluminum intake can contribute to bone loss and neurological damage, especially for people with kidney disease ( 16).

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However, tea consumption is not generally associated with aluminum toxicity. It remains unclear precisely how much aluminum is absorbed when you drink tea ( 17). If you’re pregnant, it’s suggested to limit caffeine consumption to no more than 200 mg per day ( 14). The father-of-two is in huge demand by the Women's Institute and various clubs for his tea talks. (He opts for one of his "endless" cups of Punjana, with semi-skimmed milk, when I visit his spacious office in the factory; I have Thompson's Green Tea with Lemon - they use the rind for enhanced flavour.) The brand also has a following in the east coast of the US, where it supplies hotels with its premium line Thompson’s Irish breakfast blend. The Punjana brand has won more Great Taste Awards gold gongs than any other blended tea bag in the UK and Ireland over the last 10 years.

I don't like Earl Grey - the bergamot distorts the taste of the tea. "Fruit and herbal teas have become popular - ours have won 10 gold stars - but I prefer plain Punjana. I drink gallons of it." It's one of the most recognisable jingles in television history, straight from the cheery 1960s advertising style depicted in the American series inspired by the industry Mad Men. The kids there are amazing - they smile at anything. They'll see me, this big tall white man and they might think, 'He looks nasty', but they look for a reason to be happy, when they've little to be happy about. They're full of joy. It does make you think about the difference in young ones here, with all their gadgets." We can detect the slightest difference between gardens and the sunlight they receive. You can't eat or drink anything strong before tasting and you can't be a smoker. Even David's desperately strong aftershave would put me off."

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As a precaution, it’s best to practice moderation and avoid excessive consumption of Assam tea. Summary Some research indicates that tannins bind with iron in your food, potentially rendering it unavailable for digestion. This reaction affects your absorption of plant-based iron sources much more than it does animal sources ( 15).

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