Long Shadows: From the number one bestselling author (Amos Decker series Book 7)

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Long Shadows: From the number one bestselling author (Amos Decker series Book 7)

Long Shadows: From the number one bestselling author (Amos Decker series Book 7)

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He was about to speak again, to convince her to wait for help. He had his lines ready. He was about to deliver them. They would make her put the gun down, he was sure of it. When they get there they find a complicated crime scene. The bodyguard, Draymont, was found downstairs shot to death while the judge was upstairs in her bedroom where she had been stabbed multiple times. To top things off, Draymont had a wad of foreign currency stuffed down his throat. Good enough for me, but if we walk out of here now Talbott will just make us have lunch together or something, and I doubt you want that.” Another David Baldacci book that was a blast to read. It's Long Shadows and I received it from Pan Macmillan via Netgalley. It will be published on the 10th of November. He had still been on the line when the police had arrived at Lancaster’s house. He had talked first to the officer, and then the detective, a man he knew from the old days. There had been sadness exchanged on the loss of a life well known to them, a grudging acceptance of the choice made, and of the motive behind it.

Long Shadows by David Baldacci | Waterstones

He was a consultant with the FBI. Long before that he had suffered a near-fatal brain injury while playing professional football. His altered brain held two new attributes which, up to that point, he hadn’t even known about and had no reason to: hyperthymesia, or perfect recall; and synesthesia, which caused him to pair certain things with unlikely colors. In his case it was dead bodies linked with a shade of electric blue. After his football career ended he had become a policeman and then a detective in his hometown; thus, seeing dead bodies was not all that unusual. He was to come to the Washington Field Office immediately, or so commanded his superior at the Bureau. He glanced once at the trash can where the destroyed letter rested and then grabbed his car keys and walked out the door. He put a hand against the wall to steady himself because when the electric blue hit him, it made his balance momentarily say bye-bye. They went to visit Earl’s mother in Cleveland. She’s not doing well. Probably won’t be long for this world. She’s old, and gaga like me, actually.”hundred pounds. Compared to that description, you’re sort of shrimpy. I can’t help feeling disappointed. But nevertheless, are we good to go, partner?” David Baldacci has been writing since childhood, when his mother gave him a lined notebook in which to write down his stories. (Much later, when David thanked her for being the spark that ignited his writing career, she revealed that she’d given him the notebook to keep him quiet, "because every mom needs a break now and then.”)

Long Shadows: An Amos Decker Novel 7 Kindle Edition Long Shadows: An Amos Decker Novel 7 Kindle Edition

They are being sent to Florida to investigate the murder of a judge and her bodyguard. When they arrive, they find that the local agents were not briefed about their coming – which isn’t helpful. She worked, too, as the assistant principal at the school where we all went. My dad was a cop in Philly. Never made that much money.” He decided to reroute the conversation. “How are Earl and Sandy? Sleeping, I suppose.” That was Mary’s husband and their daughter. Great addition to this series AND can be read as a standalone — so jump on in! Th series is a favorite of mine. I recommended to several friends all continue reading it. (also me, at 6'6" has a soft spot for big athletic or tall characters that don’t fit easily or standout in situations!) A woman who owns what looks to be a two- or three-million- dollar home is not driving a dented-up ten-year-old Mazda. AndTalbott, a man waiting for the full pension and the exit door that came with it, smiled deeply, and said in a fake cheery voice, “I’ll just leave you two to get to know each other better.” She continued as though he hadn’t spoken. She said, “I just remembered her before I called you. And only because I looked at a photo with her name on it. I forgot I had a daughter, Amos. For a time there was no Sandy Lancaster in existence for me. Can you understand how…terrible that is?” First, this author is my most read author. Now with that said, this series is NOT my favorite by him. But many readers really like it.

Long Shadows: From the number one bestselling author (Amos Long Shadows: From the number one bestselling author (Amos

And then came the oppressive thud of Mary Lancaster’s body hitting the floor. He was certain she was dead. Lancaster had always been a good planner, results oriented. Such people excelled at killing themselves. He feels all over the place and wonders if his perfect recall will be affected. This case is one that has foxed the FBI for years and because Amos does not wear a suit or conform they are hoping this will be the case that will be his downfall. Unbeknownst to Amos they are banking on him failing. His new partner Frederica aka Freddie is a no nonsense character who does not take any prisoners has had a heads up from Alex re Amos and his quirks. He was alive. She was not. Right now it was a difference without significant distinction for him. He sat there as his little room was lit by the electric blue of a death that had touched him from nearly a thousand miles distant.If you spoke to Alex, you know all you need to know about me.” “But nobody tells it as good as the person himself.” Right. So the ex-hubby’s a possible suspect.” “Spouses, and particularly exes, always are.” “Don’t I know it,” replied White. Amos knows something doesn't add up. The judge was stabbed to death and the bodyguard was shot instead. Are there two killers? As they begin to investigate, they are caught up in something that might put them in the crosshairs of something completely unexpected that could result in them being the next target.

Long Shadows by David Baldacci | Hachette Book Group Long Shadows by David Baldacci | Hachette Book Group

The two did not shake hands. They just stood there like they were afraid one was trying to get the jump on the other.Amos is having a rough time in Long Shadows. His partner and his other friends have all moved away and are settling down. Someone very close to him commits suicide. Then he receives a less than promising report about his future health. He is depressed and starting to doubt himself and his abilities. He knew exactly what she was referring to. “It seems to,” he answered. “But everyone’s mind changes, Mary, healthy or not. Nothing is static. Normal or not, whatever normal is.”

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