The Joy of Being Selfish: Why you need boundaries and how to set them

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The Joy of Being Selfish: Why you need boundaries and how to set them

The Joy of Being Selfish: Why you need boundaries and how to set them

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Whilst the information in this book is interesting. Michelle is missing a little age (which will come to her) and another fundamental part - CHILDREN. Admittedly, if you are a single parent of several young children, this book won’t magically send Mary Poppins to your house. But if you are solving everyone else in your orbit’s problems, this book will give you concrete reasons and methods to nip that behavior in the bud. Michelle Elman, writing simply and explicitly, has outlined clearly how to go about setting your own boundaries and personalising the process. Despite its challenging title, The Joy Of Being Selfish is an important book for those who want to reflect on their own position in life. Author

There's an important difference, of course, between responding appropriately to bad treatment, and demanding the world bends to your every entitled whim -- but the lines in this seem to get somewhat blurred.

Michelle Elman

How often have you heard of a mother being called selfish for prioritising her own dreams above her family. We are told that being selfless is the best thing you can be, but I completely disagree with that.’ Be prepared to accept the consequences of your boundaries (but discourtesy shouldn’t be one of them)

The mayor of New York has a daughter who's missing and in danger. Detective Michael Bennett has a son who's in prison. The two strike a deal.In our society, people equate being ‘selfish’ with being arrogant or unhelpful. But, as a reformed people-pleaser, I realised a while ago that putting others’ needs above my own all of the time left me with very little energy to take care of myself. For me, learning to be more ‘selfish’ was about understanding I didn’t have to be a martyr to be a good partner, colleague or friend. Selfishness is about seeing the intrinsic value of your worth and your time, and about creating healthy boundaries to preserve that. It’s the practical side of ‘self-care’ - a concept we’re all far more comfortable with.” Beware the myths about boundaries Health & Wellness The brain rewards women for being nicer, men for being selfish, study finds Set boundaries at work Learning when to say “no” makes your “yes” more powerful — people no longer take your presence or agreement for granted. If so, you need a strong dose of boundaries. It's time to discover the joy being selfish. Putting the needs of everyone around us before our own is ingrained in us from a young age.

Look, I get it that you've been a pushover in the past, and yes it may be useful to work on how you deal with people and become a bit more selective -- but in the words of John Donne, 'No Man is an Island' [or woman] and as such it isn't all about you or how your self-absorbed feelings have been hurt. One of the few people who truly embody the message that they teach. Her expertise is undeniable, her writing has the ability to connect with every reader in a way that feels as if they're being supported and understood" Dominic Cummings' face is a picture as names he called ministers are read out Build a relationship with your body

Growing up is a minefield. You have to navigate new friendships, new teachers, your body changes, people are kissing, there never seems to be enough hours in the day ... and why is everyone suddenly posting their breakfast on social media?! A] smart guide to setting boundaries…While the wise counsel will be tough love for some, those willing to put in the work will get much out of this.'— Publishers Weekly

Boundaries allow for connection and intimacy with the right people, but they are not to be confused with walls, and grudges. It’s not about cutting people off or pushing them away.’ There are lots of terms like self-love and self-care, but what exactly do they mean?’ asks Michelle.According to Michelle, setting some basic boundaries for time management and friendships is a good way to start. In fact, boundaries are more important than ever if you’re working from home and need to re-set your work/life balance. Michelle is the queen of boundaries. We all need this book, now more than ever! Whether it’s work, romance, family or friends, Michelle will guide you through the process of setting boundaries. By the end of the book you’ll be proud to call yourself selfish because it will mean you are showing yourself the love and respect you deserve.”

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