Genius GFX-75X4 1800 Watts-Max Car Amplifier 4-Channels Professional Class-AB 2-Ohm Stable Stereo

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Genius GFX-75X4 1800 Watts-Max Car Amplifier 4-Channels Professional Class-AB 2-Ohm Stable Stereo

Genius GFX-75X4 1800 Watts-Max Car Amplifier 4-Channels Professional Class-AB 2-Ohm Stable Stereo

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Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are a large group of anthropogenic chemicals that have been applied in industrial, commercial, and domestic products since the 1950s. Because of their toxicity, persistence, and bioaccumulation potential, PFAS have become global environmental pollutants. Besides the environment, the food chain represents another source of exposure, and the risk related to the presence of PFAS in foods has become of increased interest. Whole milk, infant formula, and ingredients used in infant formula production represent important foodstuffs that require sensitive methods with reporting limits at low parts per billion levels or lower for multiple PFAS. This article summarizes optimization experiments and validation of a complete workflow, including sample preparation and a liquid chromatography–tandem mass spectrometry (LC–MS/MS) method for determination of sixteen priority PFAS analytes listed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). All of the amplifiers have a cool new cosmetic treatment and have the controls hidden behind a magnetically-latched cover panel. For the purposes of this review, they sent us a pre-production prototype of the five-channel version, called the VIV (Six Five, get it?) 900.5. The new look from Memphis also comes with a few unusual features, such as the ability to select from one of seven possible illumination colors for the power-on indication. The control for the LED color is found along with all of the rest of the controls, under the hinged front cover of the amplifier, just above the connections. In addition to the variable LED color, the amp is equipped with 24-dB-per-octave crossovers, which provide bandpass configurations in addition to the typical high- and low-pass filters. I am a fan of this amplifier. It’s well-made, sounds good, has a lot of adjustability, and can easily be interfaced into almost any type of installation. If you’re in the market for a high-performance multi-channel amplifier that can drive your whole system with only one chassis, the Memphis VIV900.5 should be high on your list of amps to audition.

The VIV900.5 is rated at 50x4+300x1 into four ohms, or 75x4+500x1 at two ohms. Should the need arise, the sub channel can also drive a one-ohm load. Also, in the interest of maximizing system design flexibility and installation friendliness, the VIV900.5 has three different ways to turn it on, with sensing for DC offset as found on most head units, signal sensing with musical input, and the conventional 12-volt trigger. To make signal routing simpler for installers, there is also a switch that allows you to drive the amplifier with just a single pair of inputs, or four inputs to allow fading with constant bass output. When it comes to tuning the system, to complement the accurate DSP-controlled crossover filters, there is also a variable bass boost controller that can provide up to 18-dB of bass boost at 45 Hz. This filter is also designed to have a high Q factor, which means its bandwidth is narrow so as to not have a detrimental effect on adjacent frequencies. This makes it more effective as a tuning tool, and results in a deeper, tighter bottom end. Brand-new from the folks at Memphis Car Audio comes a line of DSP-powered amplifiers, with all-new looks and leading edge technology. Agilent UHPLC Guards extend the lifetime of analytical columns - without diminishing performance - and use easy-to-install hardware that fits directly on the end of the columnZORBAX Eclipse Plus columns are the recommended starting point for method development at mid-pH and benefit from the ultimate performance from fully porous silica-based columns Easy to handle and install, this Tensar SS20 Geogrid Reinforcement Roll is ideal for improving soil shear strength and soil stiffness through reinforcement, a geosynthetic function. With enhanced design life and decreased full-life costs, it works as an application for long-term loading that depends on long-term tensile strength with factors accommodating tensile creep. Traditional, fully porous particles available in 1.8, 3.5, and 5 µm sizes. With selected products also available in 7 μm particles for preparative HPLC (see Prep LC columns section) There are also Metal Foil resistors which provide high rated power and excellent load life stability along with extremely low Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (TCR).

ZORBAX Eclipse PAH columns deliver high resolution separation of the 16 polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in EPA 610 and have been specifically tested with PAHs for maximum reproducibility ZORBAX Rapid Resolution High Throughput (RRHT) columns use totally porous 1.8 μm particles to provide maximum resolution in ultra-fast and high-resolution analyses with a pressure limit of 600 barZORBAX Bonus RP columns offer unique selectivity due to an embedded amide linkage in the C14-alkyl chain making them ideal for 100% aqueous mobile phases and for compounds that are not retained on standard reverse phase columns The amp proved to have plenty of power on tap, even for enthusiastic listening levels. During several hours of focused listening, the Memphis amplifier sounds very natural and uncolored, regardless of the musical selection, handling dynamics and my reference woofer and full-range speakers with ease, while barely getting warm to the touch. This amplifier is exceptionally efficient, and not just at high power levels. I noticed the current draw was quite low, even when playing music at fairly loud levels. When it was all said and done, the VIV900.5 proved to be a very natural-sounding and powerful amplifier. ZORBAX Rx columns are made from highly pure (>99.995 %) porous silica with a higher carbon load (12%)

ZORBAX StableBond columns offer the highest stability for low pH applications down to pH 1 while ZORBAX SB-Aq deliver robust, reproducible separations with highly aqueous mobile phases, including 100% water ZORBAX Extend-C18 columns offer high efficiency and selectivity advantages for basic compounds in for high pH applications up to pH 11.5From a sonic perspective, the amp is very musical and virtually transparent. Stereo imaging is excellent, and there is no audible noise of any kind. From one end of the audible spectrum to the other, it simply made things louder, which is exactly what a good amp should do. With my wide ranging (some say ridiculous) musical tastes, I could go from 50 Cent, to Bach, to ZZ Top without any issues or adjustments. Low-bass is produced with authority and exhibits very good definition, while the amp still maintains smooth and detailed high frequencies, with no harshness or edginess. Female vocals are smooth and harmonies well-defined, with no muddiness or smearing of the soundstage evident. The new series is known as the Six Five Series, and is Memphis’ first real foray into the DSP world. There are seven different models in the series with one-, two-, four- and five-channel variations. The heatsink is sized appropriately for this powerful an amplifier, and because of that and the high efficiency Class-D topology, the amplifier has excellent thermal performance, which is a sore spot for a lot of multi-channel car amps. The power and speaker connections will take generously sized cables (four- and 10-gauge, respectively) and the terminals are well-insulated and protected. ZORBAX Eclipse XDB columns – C18, C8, Phenyl and CN – provide four bonded phase choices for method development optimization. These columns are eXtra Densely Bonded (XDB) and double endcapped through a proprietary process to cover as many active silanols as possible. Eclipse XDB columns are available in 1.8, 3.5, 5 and 7 μm particle sizes for high speed, high resolution, analytical and prep scale separations

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