Gardner Bender DS-130 Duct Seal Compound, 1 lb. Pug, No Size, Grey

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Gardner Bender DS-130 Duct Seal Compound, 1 lb. Pug, No Size, Grey

Gardner Bender DS-130 Duct Seal Compound, 1 lb. Pug, No Size, Grey

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Complies with DIN 18322 underground cable laying works - gas & watertight cable and conduit entries into buildings • Complies with 2011 NEC Articles 225.27, 230.8, 300.5(G), 300.7 (A) on Raceway Seals, and 501.15 (B)(2)

FiloSeal+ is a universal solution for sealing cables and pipes in ducts or bore holes and is suitable for sealing several cables or pipes contained in one duct and also allows re-entry of the seal to add/remove cables or pipes as required. Re-enterable – CSD duct seals enable simple modification for adding, removing or replacing cables in retrofit projects Complies with 2011 NEC Articles 225.27, 230.8, 300.5(G), 300.7 (A) on Raceway Seals, and 501.15 (B)(2) Comfort issues can be linked to poor temperature control from inefficient HVAC, these systems can have their efficiencies boosted by improved airtightness.Flexible – the sealing system can be employed to seal circular, round or rectangular ducts or building penetrations Duct sealing system FiloSeal+HD is an engineered universal solution for sealing LV-HV cables and pipes in ducts, boreholes or transit frames. MD5 Duct Sealing System Vs DIY Expanding Foam The use of expanding foam in construction & mainatenance projects in all industries has increased over time, but it faces major problems when applied wrong, or designed into a project where the foam specs doesnt match the requirements of the project. In this BLOG, we'll cover the reasons why expanding foam fails when sealing cable ducts and what you can do about it. Selection should be at the design stage, where the seal requirements can be matched to the overall project. Typically, a design specification will require water, gas and perhaps fire resistance together with specific chemical resistance. The life of the seal needed should also be considered. Every seal manufacturer should be able to provide proof of expected life. Over-engineering the seal design should also be avoided. A duct sealing solution that meets the specific needs of the application is the right solution. CSD Duct Seals provided extensive trials in the York and Aylesbury area using their simple yet effective product, RISE Duct Seal using a split pvc duct frame to create more space in the existing overpopulated cable ducts within the cabinets.

It is critical to evaluate the specific duct sealing situation and identify the objectives of the seal. For Example:FiloSeal+ is very easy to apply regardless of the type of cable scenario in the cable ducts as it uses a uniquely shaped foam piece which positions neatly around the cables or pipes in the duct. Power Cables – specified to seal high voltage and heavy armoured power cables in single, trefoil or Triplex arrangement

Duct Seals WIMES | The Water Industry Mechanical and Electrical Specifications (WIMES) define the requirements for a wide range of mechanical and electrical equipment used in the UK water industry including cable duct seals.


Ductwork systems that have a better air tightness, lose less energy than leakier ones. HVAC running costs make up a very substantial part of a building’s operational cost and some of this cost may be recovered by reducing ductwork leakage. Trusted – WIMES (Waters Industry Mechanical & Electrical Specification) accepted for duct sealing in the water utility sector In the UK the DNO’s (Distribution Network Operator) hold a statutory requirement to prevent danger due to the influx of water, or any noxious or explosive liquid, hydrocarbon or gas from the surrounding ground into substations, street boxes and buildings. The electric utility will have an approved method and material to seal ducts in all new, altered or retro-fitted cable installations – this includes the sealing of cable ducts where the ducting enters the switch gear building.

Some industries write into the their specifications that DIY expanding foam cannot be used and these industries should be applauded for taking a stance against the poor results you get with it. Industries I know of who have explicitly banned DIY foam are the water industry (the major water companies of the UK and their contractors and sub contractors) and the petrol filling station industry. The latter is a good call as DIY expanding foam has virtually no chemical resistance to anything and actually dissolves in petrol!

The seals can be customised to suit fire rated sealing applications including substation ducts, partitions, walls, floors, and construction systems including MV-HV switch rooms and transformer grids. Training and preparation - First, read and follow the manufacturer's instructions. Like any other job a field mechanic performs, it requires knowledge and skill. Duct sealing solutions should be engineered into the job and training completed in advance of the fieldwork. High Voltage – 11kV and 33kV substation cable ducts are sealed to protect against flood waters and dangerous corrosive gases Tyco RDSS Rayflate inflatable duct seal consists of an inflatable bladder with a sealing strip which is fitted around the power cable in a duct and inflated to create a watertight seal and is very versatile, adapting to most configurations independent of duct ovality. MD5’s resin can be installed in temperatures from 5°C (41°F). In colder temperatures, expansion can be slower but will expand and cure over a more extended time. Expansion time between 8-10 minutes at temperature ranging between 15-20°C. Cleaning

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