God of Malice: A Dark College Romance (Legacy of Gods Book 1)

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God of Malice: A Dark College Romance (Legacy of Gods Book 1)

God of Malice: A Dark College Romance (Legacy of Gods Book 1)

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I haven't quite read a book with MMC like Killian with nearly every quality that'll have you thinking, why should we like this guy? Definitely won't go down as the swoon-worthy book boyfriend for many, but I quite enjoyed reading about Killian. The dynamics of this character were full of red flags, but here I am finding some likable qualities ;-) Every night for weeks, I haven’t gotten more than two hours of hazy, nightmare-riddled sleep. Every time I close my eyes, Devlin’s kind face comes crashing in, then he smiles as scarlet red explodes from all of his orifices.

God of Malice: A Dark College Romance (Legacy of Gods Book 1) God of Malice: A Dark College Romance (Legacy of Gods Book 1)

how OTT and JP Killian is. I mean. This man sees his woman getting near OM and he goes ape ish. I love me some jealous OM scenes, and this one is GOOD 😈💅 the rivalry stuff that’s happening. Obviously, there’s going to be an overarching storyline as the series progresses. I’m excited 🥰 I generally love Rina Kent, and I’ve listened to every one of her books, but this one was a struggle. Once upon a time, I was plagued by the urge to see underneath animals’ skin. Humans, too, but I only had access to animals. killian exhibited all the signs but tell me why i still didn't believe in it 🤣😭 there must be something wrong in my brain for me to actually think killian is the most softest and tamest psycho i have ever read about... don't go through my dark and dirty bookshelf you'll think i'm insane.umm… I wasn’t gonna say this first, but I’ll say it. The 🔥 lol. There’s a lot of them 😬😅. Once Killian takes Glyndon’s v at about 50%, it’s on 😉. I’m surprised these two came up for air 🤣. I appreciated that he *respected* her feelings here and there… until he was tired of being *respectful* Very classy.” Cecily rolls her eyes. “You’re supposed to be the granddaughter of the former prime minister.❞ - she's so judgemental please fix her personality before her book rina or i will literally lose hair like ava.

God of Malice: Legacy, Book 1 (Audio Download): Rina Kent

I'd say the enemies to lovers trope goes deep between Glyndon and Killian, but even that might be an understatement because Glyn could shout from every rooftop about how much she hated Killian. But he was so unbothered by it and kept on with his day. you know it's a sad day on planet earth when i prefer these two's pov chapters in this book over ashers... they are okay at parenting i guess but assrat the streets will never forget what you did to my queen nicole. can't believe i have to see these two AGAIN in landon and brandons book 😭😭😭😭 WHY DO THE DON'S GET 3 BOOKS BUT YOU CAN'T SPARE A TEENY WEENY LITTLE BOOK FOR ARIELLA RINA KENT??? If you want love, then I do love you, but it's the unorthodox version of love. I love you enough to let you wishing my walls. I love you enough to allow you to have a over me when I've never allowed anyone to have the power to destroy me from the inside out" At the starless. Soulless. Sparkless. Sky. My laughing heightens in intensity and so does the poetic quality of Miss Kent's writing. 😂 but really after having finished this book i remember NOTHING else about glyndon 😭😭😭 this book is the classic case of being introduced to so many characters it overwhelms your senses to the point where you are unable to distinguish who the real main characters are.as far as the plot goes, it didn’t really exist and what there was, wasn’t anything too interesting to be honest. the conflict at the end could have been avoided if killian just told glyn the truth, instead of hiding it and looking even more suspect There is a name whispered quietly and with fear even by the most depraved, the most evil, and the least sane of the worshippers of Chaos. That name is Malice, the Renegade God of Chaos. In eons past Malice was cast out from the bosom of Chaos by the other Chaos Gods, or else abandoned them of his own volition -- no one is sure which. In any case, Malice's relationship to the other gods of Chaos is a strange one. All Chaos Gods pursue purposes that are wholly their own, yet only Malice occupies a position so antithetical to the success of his own unfathomable creed. To be a follower of Malice is to be a Chaos warrior bent upon shedding the blood of other Chaos creatures.

God of Malice: Special Edition Print: 1 (Legacy of Gods

bran and Nikolai - okay there is something there for sure and I'm almost sure they are getting a book Narration: When I saw all the narrators, I thought this was a full cast, but we get a few chapters from other POVs, just the one though. I'm a fan of Sebastian York, but their voice didn't seem age appropriate for God of Malice. It was off when we'd go from Josie Minor as Glyndon and then into Killian's chapters, didn't sound like a 19-year-old. I enjoyed Josie's narrations but wasn't a fan of the voiceovers for their dialogue with Killian. I enjoyed the brief cameos of Aaron, Wen, and Kylie, their voices were great for their one chapter, and will definitely be on the lookout for more by them. It's not the first time that I've noticed that RK makes her characters assume opulently a robe of exalted passions and exceptional emotions for the sake of drama and angst. I'd be more annoyed if it weren't so unintentionally funny. That's why, having clowned her wannabe poetry from the top to the bottom, I digress.i may forgive asher, only because killian did but i will never forget. one little sorry and a tear doesn't reverse 12 years of trauma. i blame this entirely on rk because she did the same to adrian in EOH, making adrian on the legal team of a known pedophile. adrian isn't a pedo supporter and asher wouldn't call his own flesh and blood defective, so for my own sanity, i choose to ignore these events ever happened. Cecily and Jeremy- something is going on here, I'm almost sure they are thing. Jeremy is not a little boy anymore and wow I'm kinda scared. quit smoking for her, but then he also told her to replace his cigarette to keep his hands and lips busy with her pussy #thatwassexytome but YOU asher out of all people know that your own son is different, you should've nurtured killian, gotten him help sooner, and made him feel your love and support. so what Killian has psychopathic traits? it is up to you to step up and be a father, how was it that reina was able to connect with killian and not judge him, yet you make your own son an outcast?

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