Origami: 15 Paper-Folding Projects Straight from the Wizarding World! (Harry Potter)

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Origami: 15 Paper-Folding Projects Straight from the Wizarding World! (Harry Potter)

Origami: 15 Paper-Folding Projects Straight from the Wizarding World! (Harry Potter)

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After cutting out and folding the Harry Potter fortune teller, you can play by yourself or with a partner. Someone asks a yes or no question and chooses one of the Hogwarts Houses — Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw. Then giving the House crest a tap with a wand, you open and close the fortune teller while spelling the name of the House. Flip the owl over and get decorating. Why not add some eyes either side of the beak? Hogwarts Sorting Hat Origami, from the Japanese oru (meaning 'to fold') and kami ('paper'), is the ancient art of folding paper. It's the ideal craft to do with kids because, as well as needing very few materials, it is actually proven to be very good for the brain. Paper folding projects can help to improve hand-eye coordination, mental concentration and memory skills. Also, it is a great mindfulness activity so perfect for a bit of de-stressing for parents and children. What could be better than relaxing and calming together as a family, while creating your very own bespoke paper Harry Potter crafts.

Harry Potter: Origami: 15 Paper-Folding Projects Straight

Now take white paint and start painting the roll white. Use a hot glue gun to make drips to resemble hot wax melting without covering the holes you made. Dry Paint the glue wax white to match the candle.These instructions make a really easy origami owl that is perfect even for young children. Our Kidadl craft experts recommend using white paper because children love to colour or pattern their owl afterwards. You could even make a cute little origami envelope to go with it to get fully into the wizarding world, Harry Potter vibes. Kidadl cannot accept liability for the execution of these ideas, and parental supervision is advised at all times, as safety is paramount. Anyone using the information provided by Kidadl does so at their own risk and we can not accept liability if things go wrong. Sponsorship & Advertising Policy

Harry Potter Origami Ideas For Crafty - Kidadl The Best Harry Potter Origami Ideas For Crafty - Kidadl

Optional: the Harry Potter House Badges (I created a selection of house badges for you to print off, as I know everyone has favourites

Four spells will be revealed, and the person who asked the question should choose a spell. You can either spell out the spell or, for simplicity, spell the color text the spell is written in. The next time four spells are revealed the questioner chooses a spell and the answer under is revealed. If you have got any Harry Potter fans in the family then these are some really fun and easy to follow paper folding projects that will keep everyone entertained. Make an origami waterbomb out of gold or yellow paper using our How To Make An Origami Water Bomb: Step By Step Guide. Then, the player will choose one of the words on the inside. The words are written in blue, yellow, red and green. Move the Harry Potter Origami Sorting Hat as many times as there are letters in the word chosen. The number placed next to the word tells you how many letters are in the word. That way, even those little wizards who aren't great at spelling can still play! Not all of us are Ravenclaws. One of our favorite scenes from the Harry Potter books is when Harry gets sorted into his Hogwarts House by the Sorting Hat. You can feel Harry's extreme relief when he gets placed into Gryffindor! Anything but Slytherin right?! Have you ever wondered what house you belong to? Now, you can find out with this Harry Potter Origami Sorting Hat game! Just like the real Sorting Hat, the results are never wrong. Well, almost never.

Harry Potter Origami Sorting Hat: Free Printable - Get Away Today Harry Potter Origami Sorting Hat: Free Printable - Get Away Today

Are you curious what Hogwarts House you belong to? Find out here! Use our Harry Potter Origami Sorting Hat to help determine your Hogwarts House! This free, fun game will enchant the little wizards and muggles in your life. Fold the two corners of this down to create a point. Next, unfold them and turn the corners inside out so they are the full width of the base of the triangle, creating a boat shape on the bottom. Glue the circle that you cut out earlier on the bottom to close up the candle and paint white if needed. Fold each of those bottom triangles in half so the edge is in line with the bottom of your hat, then fold them up over the bottom of the hat to form the rim. Carefully make the seal, break excess wax, and smooth the edges with a candle flame for desired effect. Use more wax to attach it to the letter and you are done.


Carve out the letter h and a raised platform using a knife on the potato to make the seal stamp carefully. Another Paper Craft day and another DIY Bookmark Idea day (long gone are the days of our Toilet Paper Roll Crafts obsession??? I still can’t throw away TP Rolls.. teehee), but once again I digress. Time for some Harry Potter fun! To make the tail, flip your owl over and fold the bottom point up to meet the top edge. Now fold the point down again so it just pokes out beneath the bottom of the owl. This is the tail.

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