Nerf Fortnite GL Rocket-Firing Blaster – 6-Rocket Drum, Pump-To-Fire – Includes 6 Official Nerf Rockets – for Youth, Teen, Adult

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Nerf Fortnite GL Rocket-Firing Blaster – 6-Rocket Drum, Pump-To-Fire – Includes 6 Official Nerf Rockets – for Youth, Teen, Adult

Nerf Fortnite GL Rocket-Firing Blaster – 6-Rocket Drum, Pump-To-Fire – Includes 6 Official Nerf Rockets – for Youth, Teen, Adult

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Admittedly, I was a bit lazy on this part. However, if you feel like opening up the blaster (and possibly fixing the issues discussed above), just watch this video! Items that are not available in store will take 3-5 working days (excluding weekends and bank holidays) to be delivered to your nominated store. Older versions of the BASR-L are not compatible with certain clips with bumps in their sides, such as the eighteen dart clip, making it impossible to load into the blaster's curved clip well. Newer models do not have this compatibility issue, as the clip well has been modified to accept these clips. WARNING: Do not aim at eyes or face. Use of eyewear recommended for players and people within range. Use only official Nerf darts. Other darts may not meet safety standards. Do not modify darts or blaster. The NERF Fortnite SP-R is styled on the in-game suppressed pistol with a rare skin (there is also a legendary variant if blue isn’t your style). The SP is a lovely little blaster and a perfect addition to any arsenal (Fortnite-themed or not). The styling is fantastic, and there is even a little “Shhhh” embossed on the side, just in case people didn’t know you were using a suppressed pistol.

Nerf Fortnite Basr-l Blaster : Target Nerf Fortnite Basr-l Blaster : Target

Combining a six-dart clip with motorized flywheel internals, there isn’t much that could go wrong, but there certainly isn’t a whole lot to love either. Throw in the fact that the SMG-E doesn’t include any tactical rails and only comes with 6 Elite darts, and we can’t help but feel let down. The Fortnite SR is a chunky monkey, based on the in-game Scope Revolver this single shot magnum has a lot going for it. Although it may look like a revolver, it uses smart air restrictor technology to let you front-load 4 darts and fire them in sequence. If you don’t have enough time (or darts) for a full reload, don’t worry, the blaster will still fire even if one dart is loaded up. In terms of performance, the SMG-E is a semi-automatic blaster, so you will need to pull the trigger for each shot. Make sure that you are holding down the acceleration button (located just under the trigger) to get the flywheel spinning, and be careful not to hit the clip release, which is directly in front! For any pesky dart jams, the jam door is located on top, so you can flip open the chamber and scoop out any bent darts.Top marks for styling! The Fortnite SMG-E is an epic rarity motorized blaster which reminds us a lot of the NERF Elite Stryfe. The design of this blaster is top-notch, capturing Fortnite’s tactical SMG perfectly, even down to the spikes mounted on the muzzle. The single Nstrike rail on top also hides the jam door. It’s hard to use if you have a large attachment in the way (you know, like the included scope), but it’s still there in case of jams. The left side of the blaster features a jam button as well, which allows retracting the breech even if the blaster is primed.

Nerf Fortnite BASR-L Blaster, Includes 12 Official Nerf Darts Nerf Fortnite BASR-L Blaster, Includes 12 Official Nerf Darts

The NERF Fortnite AR-L is a semi-automatic, motorized blaster modeled on the legendary skinned Fortnite AR. If the canary yellow color style doesn’t quite do it for you, there are a few choices available (our favorite being the Durrr-Burger). They're based in convenient locations including supermarkets, newsagents and train stations. Plus they're often open late and on Sundays. Using the included darts, I averaged 68fps and up to two darts per second using slamfire. However, the velocity of other darts varies considerably, due to the issues discussed above. Modification and Internals Alpha Trooper CS-18 • Deploy CS-6 • Longshot CS-6 • LongStrike CS-6 • Raider Rapid Fire CS-35 • Rayven CS-18 • Recon CS-6 • Stampede ECS

All fun and games aside, as the GL is a NERF missile blaster there are no springs or fancy mechanisms in place to fling your darts over long distances. Instead, you are going to have to rely on your own horsepower to pump the priming mechanism and force a flow of air into the chamber; so if you are feeling lazy, your missiles aren’t going to go far! The BASR-R only comes with one tactical rail, located on top of the blaster, and you will need to remove the included scope before you start throwing on your own customizations and attachments. The scope doesn’t offer any magnification, so if you are looking for greater precision, it may be worth slotting on your own preferred scope or red dot sight (you will be messing with the Fortnite styling though). As a clip-based blaster, reloading is nice and easy (if you have some more clips to spare), and the clip release is right in front of the trigger, so an absolute breeze to drop and clip and slot a new one in.

NERF Fortnite | Smyths Toys UK NERF Fortnite | Smyths Toys UK

Based on the Legendary skinned bolt action sniper rifle from the game, the Fortnite BASR-L comes in two flavors (colors). If you are after the original legendary skin, you need to get the BASR-L, but there is also the blue BASR-R which also comes with 3 mini bush targets for practice. Finally, the blaster seems to not like all dart types. The Elite darts it comes with? They fire without issue. Accustrike darts? Dart Zone? Anything else? Due to the long barrel, it seems like anything with a large dart head (including Hasbro darts) hits the side of the barrel and loses velocity. You could, of course, open the blaster and remove the barrel. But at that point, you’re just throwing away plastic. Performance Based on the ingame Legendary Burst Assault Rifle, the NERF Fortnite B-AR feels tactical and comes with a lovely Converge wrap to boot. Similar in a number of ways to the AR-L, the B-AR ups the ante with the addition of another tactical rail (making a total of two) and an integrated scope mounted on top. There are two openings located on the front of the drum housing which allow you to load up your missiles and with each pump, the drum will rotate – so no need to reload after each shot. For extra customization, there is a slanted tactical rail on top of the blaster which won’t be much help if you want to attach a scope but a blaster shield may work? The BASR-L is a bolt-action clip system blaster, similar to that of the N-Strike Modulus LongStrike. It is based on the Legendary Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle from Fortnite. It has a single tactical rail on top of the blaster, where the included scope goes. The jam door is built into the tactical rail, which hinges upwards to reveal the breech.The Legendary version of the Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle in the game actually takes a different appearance than the blaster; the blaster is instead based on the lower-rarity version.

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