Buetory Women's Button Down Blouse Shirts Work Office Long Sleeve V Neck Casual Loose Collared Tops with Pockets

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Buetory Women's Button Down Blouse Shirts Work Office Long Sleeve V Neck Casual Loose Collared Tops with Pockets

Buetory Women's Button Down Blouse Shirts Work Office Long Sleeve V Neck Casual Loose Collared Tops with Pockets

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The woman started telling me about the importance of having the proper sized bra and how the breast tissue should be COMPLETELY in the cup on the sides. Breast tissue that hangs outside the cup on the side doesn’t get the proper circulation and research has shown that it can cause health problems. The cute brunette named Paula, who was ten years her senior said, “Are you fitted over your clothes?” Anyway, bra sales were great for this company. I worked in the accounting office and still reaped the benefits of reduced prices on products. Since I was a newlywed, the apparel was quite appreciated. That’s a subject I’m sure my ex-husband would rather I not explore too in-depth. Let’s just say it wasn’t boring.

The boss man gave me the up and down look which didn’t bother me at all because he couldn’t see a thing and I knew it!Finally, the bra fitter lady said, “So to get a proper fit, I must measure your breast without a bra on because it will give an inaccurate measurement, so please remove your shirt and bra.” He actually looked angry when he spoke next saying, “Just measure her on top of all her clothes,” making it very apparent that he thought I was wearing enough layers to survive in the North Pole. Thank you,” I said and breaking the stare from the boss man, turned around with satisfaction that not only didn’t he see my boobs, but he couldn’t see my butt wiggle as I left because my coat was long enough to cover it! The ENTIRE time that I stood listening to her speech, the boss man watched me. I couldn’t help but think about how perverted this man was to do this to all his female employees.

With the measuring complete, the fitter lady reached into the box and pulled out a new lacy white bra and handed it to me without looking up from her clipboard of employee names. My palms were sweaty and I was very nervous even though I was angry. At this point of my life, I was still quite shy and never very bold in my speaking. While walking to the bosses’ office I rehearsed what I would say to them if they asked me bare the boobs. the smallest boobs, but I was not going to be bullied by big boobs or a boss man who had boobs smaller than mine!

Bra sales are good because women wear them to keep healthy circulation in the tissue of the boobs, sisters, gals, jugs, mama jamas or whatever you choose to call the breasts. Not only do women wear bras for the health reasons, but also to entice and turn men on sexually.

When Paula opened the door, both men turned around to stare at her like there was going to be a scarlet letter “B” for “boobs” emblazoned on her shirt. She looked at me briefly and said, “You’re next,” and then went over to Sally’s desk and started whispering. One day the boss man said that everyone was going to get a free bra and would have a custom fitting to ensure we were getting the right size for our breasts. Whippee! A free bra is a great surprise, however, my thrill was short lived.Inside I was feeling extremely proud of myself, but I didn’t even let the slightest smile cross my lips nor did my eyes leave his angry stare the entire time I was being fitted. The lady doing the measurements was extremely uncomfortable, but I was mad at her too for going along with such a shenanigan. It was female boob exploitation in the workplace! With her eyes wide, Sally said with embarrassment, “No! I had to take off my shirt and bra while he sat there and watched the whole time!”

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