Ransom Notes - The Ridiculous Word Magnet Party Game, 3+ Players

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Ransom Notes - The Ridiculous Word Magnet Party Game, 3+ Players

Ransom Notes - The Ridiculous Word Magnet Party Game, 3+ Players

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Regular readers will know I don’t have a problem with racy humor! There was just a slightly forced, smirky feel to it, and I wish they had just chosen more neutral words, and let the double entendres arise more naturally, because they’re funnier that way. I like deciding when I want to make a dirty joke, rather than getting buffaloed into it because we’re at a party and that’s how you have to act. Possibly I am overstating this issue, because I am a mom who was playing a game with several teenage daughters, and I may have been on high alert. We played with kids ages 12 and up (younger than the suggested age). In theory, you could play with younger kids, but even though the play is simple, it can be surprisingly mentally taxing (unless some inspiration jumps out at you), and I don’t think younger kids would have understood the point, or had fun with it. If it is after 2pm on a Friday, a weekend or bank holiday you must wait until the next working day before your item is shipped. Where possible we will aim to ship faster but we reserve the right to adhere to the policy. I love family games, but I’m horrible at learning new rules. Here are a few other games I’ve reviewed: The major quibble I had was that they were trying a little too hard to steer you toward a naughty game experience (and yes, it does say it’s for ages 17+.) We didn’t come across any really R-rated words (I think we found “boob,”“genital,”“panties,” and “bitchy” and a few others at that level), but there were a lot of words like “secrete” and “bedroom” and “flesh” which are not inherently sexy, but it felt like the word selection overall was weighted in that direction.

Ransom Notes - The Board Game Hut

Ransom notes are perfect for adult game nights, quirky holiday gifts, and hilarious birthday gifts for smart people. The game is rated 17+ for mature content, but can easily be made family-friendly by removing some of the prompt cards. The winner takes the ransom card and the first person to win 5 cards is the winner. It really is that simple. Components The suggested time limit of 90 seconds per round is too dang short! We ended up just giving everyone as much time as they needed to come up with an answer. And by “everyone” I mean “me,” because I am old and have lost my brain sparkle. Although I think I wasn’t giving myself enough magnets. Here is what the recommended number of magnets for a round looks like (“three pinches,” or about 75 magnets): Aside from a few choice cards the game can be as risqué or ‘clean’ as you make it with your phrase productions. Sure, to play with teens you might need to go through and take out some of those aforementioned cards with a more adult theme but to make the game 17+ seems a little odd. I mean it just doesn’t have the same “gosh that’s rude” feeling you get when playing Cards Against Humanity. Okay so I don’t actually say “golly gosh” in my general vocabulary but I’m not a rude party games type of player and I found this to be just fine for my temperament. What ‘s Game About Doing WhyThe magnets seem reasonably sturdy, and the little metal boards on which you arrange your thoughts are pleasing. They are like miniature baking sheets and I just liked them. You can also add in your own collection of word magnets, if you happen to have some. The whole game comes compactly stored in a small, deep box. Ransom Notes is a party game for 3 to 6 players, aged 17+ that contains myriad magnetic words used to complete challenges such as writing a convincing argument claiming dinosaurs aren’t real or offering to apply suncream on a rapidly burning stranger on the beach or even answering questions such as what’s the biggest lie you’ve ever told. My Tuppence Worth

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We enjoyed playing the game but it was quite fiddly and whilst I can see why the magnetic words were so small bigger would have been better for my clumsy fingers. 75ish words is a lot to look through when on a time constraint to make up phrases. This meant that some players, mostly me because I still wanted relatively perfect sentences, could take a longer time causing other players to be left waiting for them to finish. If you want a little bit of fun this could be the game to include in your evening… though the pieces are small so you may still be finding them weeks later if not properly accounted for during each phase of gameplay.

A few of the cards pretty explicit (“Walk us through the masturbation process,” for instance, and “Ask your boss for a promotion in exchange for sexual favors”). It’s easy enough to just toss any cards and magnets you don’t want in your game (the FAQs say about 15-30% of the cards are not PG), but it’s something to know about ahead of time, depending on who’s going to play. Every round was amusing, and some were hilarious. Some of the answers were downright brilliant, and it was so entertaining to see different players’ personalities expressed in their answers as they read out them out. Delivery also played an important part in how the responses were received. So aside from potentially running out of word magnets and not having more displays to show your sentences on I’m sure you could play with a bigger player count than 6.

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