Russell Hobbs Portable 3-in-1 Air Conditioner, Air Cooler, Dehumidifier, 670 W, 1 Litre, Includes Window Seal Kit, RHPAC3001

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Russell Hobbs Portable 3-in-1 Air Conditioner, Air Cooler, Dehumidifier, 670 W, 1 Litre, Includes Window Seal Kit, RHPAC3001

Russell Hobbs Portable 3-in-1 Air Conditioner, Air Cooler, Dehumidifier, 670 W, 1 Litre, Includes Window Seal Kit, RHPAC3001

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The unit performed solidly during our testing, reducing the temperature in the room by 2°C in 10 minutes. Like most air con units it isn't silent, there's 51-53dB of noise depending on if you opt for the low or high cooling setting, but it's a downside our testers were happy to accept in return for its temperature-reducing powers. A portable air con unit uses both a fan and a compressor to cool the air, and that's a noisy process, meaning you're likely to have to turn the TV up quite a few notches if you have one running in a living space. And, if you're a light sleeper, then you may struggle to sleep whilst the air con unit is running.

Russell Hobbs RHPAC11001 Portable Air Conditioner review Russell Hobbs RHPAC11001 Portable Air Conditioner review

When used as an air conditioner, this unit will keep you cool and comfortable. With a handy choice of 2 speed settings and an added oscillating fan function, you can control the speed and direction of air flow. It's generally recommended to close doors and windows in the room that you're trying to keep cool, so if you only want to keep a small bedroom cool then you can opt for a cheaper lower BTU unit, however an open plan space will require a much more powerful appliance with a larger BTU. Portability

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Sadly it doesn't come with a window kit included, or a remote control – but WiFIi connectivity means you can control it from your phone instead, a really handy feature. The 7000BTU air conditioner's 20.5kg weight, whilst not insignificant, makes it far lighter the 30kg average, and means this unit is much easier to move around the home than most. Plus, its 780W power consumption is one of the lowest of all the air con units we've tested, meaning it offers lower running costs too. DETACHABLE WATER TANK: Adding water to the tank, you could use air cooler with humidifier. Adding cold water or ice cube will be more cooler. When the water tank is exhausted, the cooling humidifier mode is automatically stopped and then it can be used as a normal fan. Warning: Please keep balance to avoid water leaking. These air conditioners are composed of two separate parts. The first part is a wheeled indoor unit that cools down the air in the room and the second part is the condenser positioned outdoors. These units are connected through flexible refrigerant pipes. Ideal for large spaces, such an appliance is also much quieter due to the motor located outside the room. While being less portable, it takes up less space in the room because the indoor ventilation unit is smaller and more lightweight.

portable air conditioners: small and affordable units Best portable air conditioners: small and affordable units

In our tests, similar to the MeacoCool MC Series 7000BTU Portable Air Conditioner and AEG Comfort, it managed to cool a 4.5m2 room by 2°C in 10 minutes, and despite the manufacturer stating its noise level is 65dB, our reviewer found it much quieter than the Meaco model, comparing it to the AEG Comfort on this front. Timer Function & Blade Adjustable】 Portable air conditioner supports 2 hours, 4 hours and 6 hours timer function, make your life more convenient. The fan blade can be adjustable, you can choose a suitable angle to enjoy the cooler wind. Notice: This item only can give a 3-5℃ surface cooling but it cannot compare to air conditioner. One of the most efficient models is this 12,000 BTU Portable 3-in-1 Air Conditioner. This self-evaporative AC unit has a built-in water tank that you need to empty. With a cooling capacity of 12,000 BTU, it covers up to 30 square meters and uses a highly efficient air filtration system. The appliance features programmable controls with an LED screen, a 24-hour timer, and a fan with 3 speeds, and the Auto Breeze function that automatically selects the most comfortable speed. You can use the device as a dehumidifier by attaching the drainage pipe, allowing you to remove up to 29 litres of moisture from the room daily.Yes, but it's worth considering a few things. We caught up with Josh Mitchell, a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning expert, who heads up Air Conditioner Lab, to hear more. "Portable air conditioners are designed with safety in mind," explains Mitchell. According to him, the key difference between your standard window units and portable ones is that the latter are freestanding and can be moved around. In practice, they do more or less the same thing, cooling the air to help you sleep on a hot summer night. "However, it's important to maintain your unit properly, which includes cleaning and changing the filters regularly to prevent a buildup of dust and allergens that could affect the air quality," adds Mitchell. "When it comes to portable air conditioners, safety, and efficiency go hand in hand. By ensuring your unit is properly maintained and vented, you can enjoy a cool, comfortable, and safe sleeping environment. Speeds Setting & Ultra Quiet】 Mini air conditioning design with 3 speeds setting, it has low, middle and high speeds to fit your daily requirements. Upgraded low noise design, won’t disturb your working and sleeping.

Russell Hobbs Portable 3-in-1 Air Conditioner, Air Cooler Russell Hobbs Portable 3-in-1 Air Conditioner, Air Cooler

The first thing you'll want to consider when choosing the best portable air conditioner for your home is BTU. Noise-wise, according to the specs in the user manual the Russell Hobbs RHPAC11001 Portable Air Conditioner should be louder than alternatives like the MeacoCool MC Series 7000BTU Portable Air Conditioner I tested. However, when I positioned both units a metre away from me and tested them one after another, the Russell Hobbs option 'felt' the quieter of the two. I then used a sound-measuring app on my phone to compare them properly (disclaimer; I can’t vouch for the reliability of the app) and the Russell Hobbs unit read approximately five decibels quieter on Fan mode (both at low and high speed) and its Cool air conditioning mode. A window kit is included however the assembly and installation of this is slightly more involved and fiddly, so make sure you allow time for this.

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There’s also the option of the Timer function which allows you to schedule a specific time to start or turn off the appliance. Like all of the settings, this is straightforward to use and programme. Maintenance COLOURS NIGHT LIGHT: The cooling fan has 7-color LED light. You can select your favorite color to improve sleep and use it as a night lighting. Please note that: Begleri Air Cooler is designed for personal use only and doesn't cool rooms.

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