SkyPAD glass 3.0 gaming mouse pad with cloud logo | Professional Large Mouse Mat | 300x350mm | Black | Special glass surface with improved precision and speed

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SkyPAD glass 3.0 gaming mouse pad with cloud logo | Professional Large Mouse Mat | 300x350mm | Black | Special glass surface with improved precision and speed

SkyPAD glass 3.0 gaming mouse pad with cloud logo | Professional Large Mouse Mat | 300x350mm | Black | Special glass surface with improved precision and speed

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SkyPAD 3.0 XLは非常にスムースに滑って、咄嗟の動きにもかなり合わせやすいなと感じました。持続的なトラッキングAIMもかなりやりやすく思いましたね。ハードパッドの特性を掴んだ後は良い感触でした。

Something else that can get annoying is the sound. When you swipe and put down your mouse on a cloth pad you might hear a muted thud that doesn’t really bother anyone, but the SkyPAD is definitely a loud one. It’s not as loud as someone who’s going to town on a glass cutting board or anything like that, but if someone was using this near me while I was trying to work or relax it would definitely bother me. That’s doesn’t necessarily have something to do with the performance of the product, but it’s something to keep in mind if you’ve got housemates to consider. This new 3.0 version is 50% thinner, 50% smoother, and 50% quieter than its predecessor according to SkyPAD. That’s a whole lot of improvements, but as I said I can’t comment on how this translates to the real world as I have never used the 2.0. I’m just including this information to be complete. Performance If you are the sweatier type and an arm aimer I would also strongly recommend a gaming sleeve. That’s because of the fact that, once your forearm gets a little sweaty, it will drastically change your experience when swiping. Think of running your body/hand over a glass pane when it’s completely dry versus when it’s still a bit wet from showering or swimming. It feels different, and it might impact your consistency. The SkyPAD 3.0 is the fastest pad I’ve ever tested, and if you are looking for a frictionless gliding experience this could really be it. It does come with a number of caveats, however. The pad’s hard and extremely smooth surface is completely unforgiving towards inconsistencies, be it with your mouse skates or your surface (think hairs, dander, …) so you will want to keep a cloth handy. Make sure it’s not a wet cloth, though, since the surface obviously won’t handle humidity very well due to the fact that it can’t absorb any of it. And last, but not least, it’s also a very loud mousepad. It’s not that bad when just gliding around with your mouse, but if you’re often resetting your mouse after swiping there’s definitely a lot of noise going on.

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Skypad’s regular Mousepad 3.0 is a much more manageable size. It’s quite a bit smaller than the Atlas, and is what most people would probably consider a “standard” or medium-sized mouse pad. Because it’s glass, it doesn’t feel quite as small as a similarly-sized cloth mouse pad, since smaller swipes go further. It’s also not quite as smooth as the Atlas, so I did find myself moving my mouse over a larger area than I did with the Atlas (but still smaller than with a non-glass mouse pad). What I’m trying to say is that if you’re used to larger mouse pads, you’ll probably still have an adjustment period if you move down — the Mousepad 3.0’s glass surface doesn’t completely negate the size. The Mousepad 3.0 is made of tempered glass, but is “incredibly durable,” according to the company (which also told me to go ahead and drop it on the floor from varying heights). I happen to live in a factory-converted-loft with polished concrete floors, however, so I decided against haphazardly tossing it onto my floor... just in case it happened to break. I did consider taking it outside and dropping it on the street, but that didn’t seem very environmentally-friendly (even if I do live in downtown Los Angeles where the streets are full of broken glass anyway). Speaking of friction, there is so little of it that games like Counter Strike and Valorant are pretty difficult to play on this pad due to the need for accurate recoil control. I would definitely consider something with more friction if you're primarily into those sorts of games. The pad itself is nicely finished. The edges are rounded and don’t feel sharp anywhere, the surface itself feels extremely smooth and natural to the touch, and the whole surface is perfectly level. Obviously this isn’t a very portable mousepad, so if you’re someone who is always gaming in different locations you should really consider if it’s worth the hassle to transport it all the time, but if you decide that it is you can rest assured that it’s decently sturdy. I didn’t throw it to the floor or anything, but I treated it like I would any regular (hard) mousepad and it stood up to that just fine.

This pad will punish your mistakes hard; BUT, it's not the pad's fault, it's yours. I play on a higher mouse sense than most people do and I had to lower my in-game sense about 10-20% on a few games because I was overshooting.

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This change of mind return policy is in addition to, and does not affect your rights under the Australian Consumer Law including any rights you may have in respect of faulty items. To return faulty items see our Returning Faulty Items policy. Finally another complaint I have about this pad are the non-slip feet. There are four of them, one in each corner, which means that the pad tends to flex a little when you rest your arm on it. A minor annoyance but it is there. The feet also don't do a great job at gripping the desk like my previous cloth ones did. This pad is great for fingertip grippers. The fingertip grip has always prioritized finesse and little movements. This means that the less friction you encounter, the easier the mouse moves and the more precision you can obtain. For how I've been playing FPS games for decades, this pad is a godsend. The force you apply with your fingers is purely directed toward moving the weight of the mouse and NOT overcoming the friction of the pad. The muscle memory you can ingrain into fine movements over time is awesome. This pad (the XL 3.0) is big. I've never run out of room on it, and, as a result, my formerly ever-present paranoia that I'm going to run off the pad, which previous pads instilled into me, is gone. It might seem like a little thing, but it means that if I need to sweep the mouse large distances, I have the confidence to take the action without any hesitation that I'll run out of space. Of course one might say that a product at this price hasto come in a nice box, and I would agree. The SkyPAD is the most expensive mousepad I’ve ever tested, and with an MSRP of a whopping 120 dollars there’s not a lot of room for error with this product.

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