Sonos ZP100 - Zone Player - Wireless Music System

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Sonos ZP100 - Zone Player - Wireless Music System

Sonos ZP100 - Zone Player - Wireless Music System

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Network bridging: 2-port switch (10/100Mbps, auto MDI/MDIX) allows Ethernet devices to connect through SonosNet a b Gideon, Tim (10 November 2009). "Sonos ZonePlayer S5". PC Magazine . Retrieved 4 November 2016– via Ziff Davis. Sonos ZonePlayer S5 Debuts in Singapore". VR-Zone. 1 June 2010. Archived from the original on 18 May 2013 . Retrieved 4 November 2016. In July 2012, Sonos Studio announced the "Light House", an interactive structure that was paired with the Play:3 and SUB speakers and was hosted by The Crystal Method. [7] In September 2014, another software update gave the Play:5, plus the Play:3, Play:1 and Playbar independence to run SonosNet through Wi-Fi without connecting a Bridge, Boost or itself by Ethernet to a router [8] following a public beta test for the feature. [9] In September 2015, Sonos announced the redesigned, second-generation Play:5 alongside the tuning software, Trueplay. [10] Features [ edit ]

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Sonos has partnered with Sonance to create the Sonos Architectural by Sonance range of speakers, which includes an in-wall speaker, in-ceiling speaker and an outdoor speaker. These are not Sonos speakers in the usual sense, but passive speakers designed to complement Sonos products in terms of finish and sonic character. It’s an immediate, upfront delivery that’s instantly engaging and exciting. There’s oodles of punch here, but the Amp skilfully avoids ever veering into jarring hardness or irritating harshness, and there’s decent detail behind the initial hit of each note. Gideon, Tim; Greenwald, Will (30 November 2015). "Sonos Play:5 Review & Rating". PC Magazine . Retrieved 4 November 2016– via Ziff Davis. Sonos also includes a computer-based software program with every system that has the exact same functionality as the Controller. You can command any ZonePlayer in your system and add or remove music sources from your computer desktop.

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You can also stream your entire digital music collection from any Windows or Mac computer on your home network, as well as most NAS (network-attached storage) drives that support SMB sharing. The Sonos supports most standard playlist formats as well, so you can--for instance--easily access your entire iTunes collection without a problem. (Note: the Sonos can stream nearly all non-DRM audio file formats, but older, copy-protected iTunes files will need to be upgraded to play.) Better would be to add a second Amp and a second pair of the speakers you’re using at the front, but that would be an extravagant outlay for a home cinema system with limited inputs and surround format support (Dolby Digital 5.1 is the Amp’s limit). Sonos has even expanded into the in-car audio space. Its first system, the Sonos Premium Sound System, is found in the Audio Q4 e-tron, and, as our review found, it makes for a very good time indeed. In the app, you can assign each speaker to a room of your house, programme it so the volume can be controlled via your TV's standard remote, and add your favourite streaming services.

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It makes a far less pronounced difference here than it does on Sonos’s wireless speakers, but we do find that with Loudness switched off the Amp has just a little more organic roundedness to its delivery, particularly in vocals. You may find, though, that in your room or with your specific speakers, Loudness produces the preferable performance. Select which "zones" the music should play in and, once it starts, volume controls are available to get it to just the right level. Each "zone" can be independent -- for example an MP3 file can be playing in the bedroom and internet radio could be on in the living room, and the iPhone app offers complete control over both. Once you’ve connected your chosen speakers to the Amp, it’s worth delving into the EQ menu in the settings and experimenting with the Loudness feature, which is switched on by default. Of course, this may well change when the somewhat controversial Sonos S2 platform launches in May 2020. Sonos has heavily hinted at hi-res being part of that update, which the Amp will get but the ZonePlayer 100 and most Connect:Amps will not. Sonos Controller sets up and controls the speaker only, with all third and first-party apps incompatible with the speakers. Furthermore, other music services such as Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Pandora and others can be connected to the app and streamed through.As I outlined in the Connect:Amp review, the interface does have some niggles, but as the Connect isn't amplified the touchy volume control doesn't matter as much. Since at home I use a mix of local lossless files and Spotify almost exclusively, I only wish that the Spotify integration was better. The Logitech Squeezebox's software is more powerful, offering most of the features of the desktop Spotify app and if you use this service often I'd suggest getting the Touch instead (while you still can). What Sonos has accomplished with this app right out of the gate is awesome. If anyone already has Sonos and an iPhone or iPod Touch, and doesn't have this app... what's the matter with you? Go get it now! If anyone has an iPhone and multiple rooms in which they want a highly scalable, superbly controllable audio experience, Sonos is definitely something to look at (or to ask for as a holiday gift! -- perfect timing!) Pricing and Availability Setting the ZonePlayer S5 up is simplicity itself, whether you’re already a Sonos user or not. If you already have a Sonos install you just put the ZP-S5 into discoverable mode, and then search for a new zone using your Sonos controller, or PC client. A few seconds later the ZP-S5 will be added to your list of Zones and you’re ready to go.

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The experience of using your phone or tablet as a Sonos remote is as good as it is because the interface of the Sonos iPhone app is quite easy to use. You can easily sync zones so the same music plays in all rooms or have different music playing in different zones. For instance, you could have Pandora playing in one room and have an album stored on your computer playing in another room. You can also choose to turn certain zones on and off and raise the volume in one room while lowering it another. a b "Introducing an Even Simpler Sonos". Sonos Blog. Sonos. 2 September 2014. Archived from the original on 20 September 2016 . Retrieved 4 November 2016. Advances in power supply design, digital amplifier engineering, industrial design, and mechanical engineering make this the smallest, lightest, most powerful amplified Sonos ZonePlayer ever. The incredibly efficient amplifier and power supply, combined with the fan-less design of the aluminum case, allows the ZP120 to operate silently. The ZP120 delivers 2×55 watts per channel RMS at 8 Ohms. With measurements of THD+N < 0.02%, 20Hz-20kHz, the ZP120 delivers powerful low distortion audiophile quality sound to every room of the house. The ZP120 can be connected to speakers and discreetly placed on a bookshelf, under furniture or beds, or hidden in cabinets with connections to in-wall speakers. The ZonePlayer S5 is a natural progression for Sonos, taking the simplicity of its wireless music system to the next level. Coupled with the Sonos iPhone app, the ZP-S5 will open up Sonos wireless music to a whole new market, acting as an affordable foundation for a Sonos installation. It’s also worth remembering that the ZonePlayer S5 will seem just as attractive to existing Sonos users who have been looking for an all-in-one solution for rooms where sound quality isn’t quite so important.

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The Sonos Controller app even supports queuing, so you can create a on-the-go playlist for your streaming music/sound content. Network bridging: The 2-port switch (10/100Mbps, auto MDI/MDIX) allows Ethernet devices to connect through SonosNet™

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There are myriad streaming options should you value sound quality over the flexibility Sonos offers. You can stream music from your NAS device and other digital libraries using the Cambridge Audio MXN10, for instance, to get fantastic audio performance. And the more streamers (and speakers) you buy, the more rooms of music you can have. Each ZonePlayer has one analog input. What’s especially cool about this feature is the analog input from one ZonePlayer can be sent to any other ZonePlayer in your system. How can this be used? Suppose you already have an AppleTV. You can connect its analog output to a ZonePlayer’s analog input and then send any song in your Apple TV’s playlists to any ZonePlayer in your house! Since Apple now has a program that turns an iPhone into an Apple TV remote via WiFi connections, you can listen to your Apple TV through any ZonePlayer and control your selections from any room via your iPhone! You can have all this whizz-bang-super-nifty connectivity by merely running one set of stereo RCA inputs from the Apple-TV to your Sonos. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think the ZP-S5 looks bad – it’s finished in the same white and grey livery as every other bit of Sonos kit – but it’s not going to be a highlight to your minimalist décor in the way that the Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin is. To put this in perspective, my wife loves the way the Zeppelin looks, but thinks that the ZonePlayer S5 is ugly – I’m not sure I agree, but the fact remains that you can probably sneak a Zeppelin into your living room without argument, while a ZP-S5 might take some negotiation. That said, there are lots of reasons you might choose Sonos over Bluesound as a system, and if you’re firmly in the Sonos camp and you like the sound of what the Amp does, you will almost certainly like the Amp in your lounge.In terms of ergonomics, much as I like the Duet’s remote control and menu design, if you plan to do a multi-room system the Sonos controller and the Sonos system’s ability to share sources between ZonePlayers makes it a far more elegant solution. The Sonos system is also easier to set up and much simpler to expand. Finally, each Sonos ZonePlayer can support an independent NAS hard drive, so you can access multiple libraries of digital music. You can’t do with the Logitech Duet.

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